Swimming Pool Chemicals Earth

swimming pool chemicals earth
Chemical Reaction in Pool?

I am opening my swimming pool for the summer. I already did everything I needed to do to open it. My last step was to add earth (a mixture for the filter I suppose). I added what I was told to add and it was ok. I came back an hour or so later and found my pool bubbling. It is almost like the water is carbonated like when you shake a bottle of soda and try to open it. I took pictures. Does anyone know why this could be?

It’s almost like soap suds
yeah… diatomaous earth it’s like a white powder. Sort of reminds me of confectionary sugar

Did you add algaecide? It will cause that.
You say you added earth, do mean mean diatomaous earth?
Pick up a bottle of defoamer. In the future use non-foaming algae treatment.
Costs more, but worth the difference.
I hope you fed the D.E. Powder through the skimmer & didn’t just sprinkle it aroudn on the surface.
Keep in mind, do not inhale any of the powder.
It will “coat” your lungs, just like it coats the filter fingers.

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