Swimming Pool Chemicals Kits

swimming pool chemicals kits
how to keep chemicals in a swimming pool on the floor ?!?!?

I have a "15 42" metal frame pool. established, and began to fill immediately. the pool was filling up, we realized that the water had a green tint, well … that was two days ago. completed until the end to complete, so I tested the water, add chlorine and surprised the next morning (yesterday) … still green, so today my mom bought a guard of algae, and more downloads. if someone can please me what to do first? how to add chlorine or shock, or stabilizer? Helppi?! I have test strips pop-up beginning at the pool and maintenance kit (Which comes with a bottle of stabilizer and packaging, granular chlorine, and the shock n swim) "more than shock n swim chlorinationg a double action tablets and algae are concentrated 3x guards. Need more? please help!

You said the water was green as they were filling the pool. It is, therefore, no seaweed and algae requires sunlight there is. Since algae are not, you can put anything you want chlorine (Chlorine kills algae), but it will not do anything because … no algae. It is a good chance that the metal dissolves the copper piping in your home is in the water the pool. I suggest taking a water sample in a clean glass container with a pool store for analysis. They will tell you exactly what is in the water and how to fix. They also do their best to sell chemicals. You do not have to buy there. You should also know the volume of your pool. Assuming that is 15 "in diameter, the radius is half the 15 or 7.5." Using the formula for Pi xr ^ 2 the surface (actually the top of a short cylinder) times the depth (in feet, which is 3.5 "), the problem is:. 3.14 x 7.5 x 7.5 x 3 , 5 = 618 cubic meters of water per cubic foot is 7.5 gallons (by chance the same number as the radius of the pool) for: 618 x 7.5 = 4636 liters, the volume of your pool.

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