Swimming Pool Covers Indoor Pools

swimming pool covers indoor pools
Is there anyone who swim with a shirt?

Hello everyone, I'm a guy who likes to swim. I always wear shorts and a shirt at the beach or pool. Do not ask me why, I do not know why I feel more at ease. Yes, I get a sunburn quickly but also wear a shirt with the indoor pool. I'm pretty happy with the way I see it, so it's not as if trying to hide something. If More people who prefer to swim in this way? Well, thank you for the response to date. Why ask at the same time I feel good with it? Just curious, I guess. If more people bathe in a shirt. As I said, I'm happy with my appearance. I'm not fat (very thin actually) and I am very well with that.

so if your comfortable with it, so why ask others? but just to let you know … if you're swimming for fun, then it is not really important. If you have anything athletic is a big difference then. be water, t-shirts and shorts can create a large amount of drag, making it more difficult to swim. it's a great way to exercise the muscles that becase more work is needed to swim with all that. This is why most swimmers tend to wear speedos pro competition. The idea is that less wear and Tighe is the least resistance which means you can swim faster.

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