Swimming Pool Covers Prices

swimming pool covers prices
Has anyone been to Discovery cove before?

I have a few questions for you. 🙂

Is there one in California? (that’s where I live)

How much earlier do you have book your visit?

How much is pricing during Sept.?

Even though there are other people with you during the trainer for a day thing, is it still worth it?

During september, how is the temperature of the water/ weather?

Is it warm enough to swim without a wetsuit/ vest?

(okay, this ones gunna sound a little weird, but whatever… I made one for a project and am gunna get an underwater camera for graduation so might as well take some neat pics right?) Are you permitted to wear a tail while swimming in the water?

How big is the dolphin pool?

How much time does it take to cover the whole place?

Do they have hotels in there?

If so, how much/ how good of discounts do I get for others if they don’t?

Also, just tell me about your experience. 🙂

Thank you. 🙂

september is good, might be a little rainy, it is floridas rainy season

you can not go in the water without a wetsuit…they provide them though

if you do the trainer for a day you will be in a group of 8 people maybe less depending on the day. totally worth it

its not a theme park so you dont “cover” anything…i dont know quite how to explain it other than it is the best time of your life

worth EVERY penny

the best time my husband and I ever had in our lives

if you are going to do it, you need to do the most expensive package. it is the most fun you will ever have

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