Swimming Pool Maintenance Book

swimming pool maintenance book
Community Swimming Pool Maintenance ?

Please Can anyone enlighten me, OR suggest a Simple
Good Book , in English to help.Yes, it looks like I’ve been
thrown in at the Deep End , literrally ! Many thanks for any advice
Thanks to both of You.
Obviously VIP guidelines must be followed, relating to chemicals & proper
Health & Safety requirements .
The President of the Community did not even have any Chlorine provision, until I
bought in a Qualified pool engineer,
2 days before opening.
However, I have since decided not to take on the responsibility, because of the haphazard way the pool was opened, & additionally no proper guidelines given .
It may be Spain, but as you say these issues are VIP.

You sure were thrown in the deep end. The specs. are different for a community verses a private pool. You can’t control who uses it and their sanitation habits. The chlorene level is generally higher an superior filtration is a must. Do not follow the instructions for the maintenance of a private pool.
A good test kit is a must.

Villa Fenice Ibiza