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Heat Project Cheats

heat project cheats
I hate it, but I get help?

In this project, I have to do chemistry, I have a song poem, or essay on the geology of oil. (For the song, you can use words like a song you know and change the.) Somewhat difficult huh? And I use these words: • • Sediment decomposition pressure • • • • Kerogen permeable or permeability • • • organic reaction reservoir rock heat or Temperature hydrocarbons carbon dioxide • • • • • • Burn porosity or pore water trap I messed bad and so now I have to to do tomorrow. Please note that I hate cheating. If you help me with this I'll be your best friend for life.

Loop lines to the song Happy Birthday. The pattern is repeated everywhere. Notice how the first two lines are sung exactly the same. The other lines are varied. 1. Many happy returns 1. Happy Happy Birthday to you 2 Happy Birthday Happy Birthday. 3. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday ————————————– you too. You take your last breath soon. The steam goes out and gas carbon dioxide. Your position-organic decomposition is a reaction as nuclear fission. They chose the case of a wooden coffin, in spite of your family is Hindu. decompose Despite the pressure and temperature of your will here. In Re-he-rock show and some sediments to you in your pores will kerogen in hydrocarbon gas permeability Your package will not rest soon. ——— These are the words ugly and it's better than I could, without much time to do. Good luck.

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