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Pool Maintenance Illinois

pool maintenance illinois
How old do you have to be to have a pool maintenance job in Illinois after you are certified?

I am 16 and i am about to be certified to service public pools but i wanted to know how old i have to be to get a job servicing one.

It depends on what level of maintenance we’re talking. If it’s simple cleaning and minor repair work, then you should be able to get a job at 16. If it’s more of a mechanical technician, I don’t believe there would be any specific age restriction except those required for certification and by the individual facilities.
Never hurts to ask a facility directly.

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Pool Chemicals Australia

pool chemicals australia
It is safe to swim in a pool when pregnant?

Is it safe to swim in a pool when pregnant?

We have a spa that we have turn right down so it’s cold, as we are in Australia and it’s our summer now. So it’s a spa but it’s cold water.

Will it be fine to swim in it now that the water is cold?

what if our chemical levels are a bit low?

It’s perfectly fine and safe to swim while pregnant. It’s good exercise and can help relieve some of the aches and pains from pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. Just make sure not to get into water that’s too hot and have fun!

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American Pool Products Company

american pool products company
If the gas price hike reflects supply&demand why don’t they increase the supply?

When will the BIG oil companies build better more efficient refineries?
Every major media reports that the refineries are the problem.
With quarterly reports in the BILLIONS why aren’t the oil companies satisfying their consumer?
When ANY other company has a increase in demand they expand and build new factories to produce for the additional product demand!

Crude doesn’t seem to be what’s causing the problem as U.S. scientists say they U.S. has vast amounts of untapped crude pools!!

I think it’s time to quit lying to the U.S. citizens and tap our own supply of oil and bring some checks and balances to the American people!!

We’ve paid for long enough!

We could both drill and refine if the PC environmentalist who associate with the left would let us. The problem today is although there is plenty of oil…there are not enough refineries to produce fuel. Thus causing a bottleneck so to speak. That is why there is a difference in the price of crude, and what we are paying at the pump.

American Flag Optical Illusion – Sick Science!

Free Pool Maintenance Forms

free pool maintenance forms
I want to replace the carpet around my pool and am looking for something that does not mildew.?

We want to replace the carpet because we spend days each summer cleaning up the mildew that forms. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good around-the-pool surface? We are not interested in concrete because the kids run around too much. From my research it looks like Kool Deck peels up and lifts in spots. We are looking for maintenance free.

There’s a company in California that deals in soft synthetic turf…. They even did the turf for the XL Super Bowl…..animal friendly also. It will even withstand the chlorine….It will last 20-25 Yrs. They can even do putting green for your backyard…..

Non Chemical Water Treatment for Pools by Calsaway.com

Pool Maintenance Price

pool maintenance price
What year(s) did Saab have the sludge problem w/it’s engines and what was the cause of this?

I hear so much about what engine is the best out of the three Saab has/had offered, being the 2.3 the oldest of the bunch I guess. Everyone seems to use the synthetic oil instead of conventional.Reason? Are the oil passages that narrow that you need something as thin as water to keep this engine from turning into a mud pool?
I’d love to get a 03-04 Aero, I don’t care much for the re-designed interior and headlight treatment on the new model. The interior is more cheap (GM) looking than the more aircraft inspired interior of the later models. Maintenance costs and reliability- dieing on me in traffic due to a failed DI cassette seems unheard of in car costing this much money due to a simple spark failure. This gives me caution to pursue a Saab purchase, but I like the car more than any other 4 door sedan in it’s price range for some strange reason. (Used prices of course) Please inform. Thanks!!

A bunch of engines have sludge problems but it is not only Saab. According to the Center for Auto Safety all of the following engines have the sludge problem from Saab:

1998-2003 SaabH engine B205/B235I4
1998-2003 Saab 9-5 B235 2.3 L
1999 Saab Viggen B235 2.3 L
2000-2002 Saab 9-3 B205 2.0 L
2000-2003 Saab 9-3 convertible B205 2.0 L

Here are the other brands that have issues – note that Toyota has extensive issues as well:

1998-2002 Chrysler2.7 L LHV6
2001-2002 Dodge Stratus/Chrysler Sebring
1998-2002 Dodge Intrepid/Chrysler Concorde
1996-2001 Toyota3.0 L 1MZV6
August 1996-July 2001 Toyota Camry
June 1998-May 2001 Toyota Camry Solara
July 1997-May 2001 Toyota Sienna
July 1996-May 2001 Toyota Avalon
November 2000-July 2001 Toyota Highlander
August 1998-July 2001 Lexus ES300
January 1998-July 2001 Lexus RX300
1996-2001 Toyota5SFEI4
August 1996-July 2001 Toyota Camry
June 1998-May 2001 Toyota Camry Solara
August 1996-April 1999 Toyota Celica
1997-2004 VolkswagenVW 1.8tI4
1997-2004 Audi A4 1.8t
1998-2004 Volkswagen Passat 1.8t

So it is not limited to Saab. To futher explain the H engine (the first Saab engine listed), here is a further explanation:

The H engine was introduced in 1981 in the Saab 900 and was also used in the Saab 99 from 1982 onwards and the Saab 90. It continued in use in the 900/9-3, 9000, and 9-5. The 2003 Epsilon based 9-3 switched to the GM Ecotec, leaving the 9-5 as the sole user of the H engine. The last model year for this family of engines will be 2009.

Essentially, in 2003 the Saab 9-3 went to a newer GM Ecotec engine on the redeisgn, so the oil sludge problems were eliminated on all 9-3 cars that year except for the convertible which stuck with the older engine for one more year before switching over. The old engine that has sludge problems dates back to 1972 on the Saab B engine (also listed above) which was an exclusive Saab/Scania design when Saab bought Scania. Unfortunately, the engine out of that merger was pretty bad – the worst thing is that GM still sells it today in the ancient 9-5.

Note that care of these engines if done right will prevent sludge, but it is just harder to maintain those engines. You did not mention which model you are looking at, but I am hoping this laundry list of all the engines with potential problems will help you.

PoolPals Pool maintenance

Pool Maintenance Book

pool maintenance book
Community Swimming Pool Maintenance ?

Please Can anyone enlighten me, OR suggest a Simple
Good Book , in English to help.Yes, it looks like I’ve been
thrown in at the Deep End , literrally ! Many thanks for any advice

I dont know of any books that you can read but taking care of a pool is not really that complicated, it basically just a matter of keeping the chemicals balanced in the pool and keep the dirt and debris out. I dont know where you’re located but any local pool supply store should be able to give you some pointers. Feel free to ask any ?’s my way, been in the business for about 7yrs

Pool Maintenance