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Swimming Pool Maintenance Costs

swimming pool maintenance costs
above ground swimming pool…?

What does it cost, and what maintenance is involved in an above ground swiiming pool? I’m guessing about a 24 ft pool.

When we sold a home that had an in ground pool I said I would never have a pool again because of the maintenance. Well, we have a 24 ft above-ground pool. For the pool (and a summer’s worth of chemicals) and a treated lumber deck, we were out $7,000.00. Chemicals run us about $250 each summer (we like Baquacil over Chlorine). Maintenance on the above ground is soooo much easier than the in ground and we don’t have the algae problems staining the vinyl liner like we did in the gunite pool (red algae and black algae are killers on gunite surfaces). Our average water cost is about $10-$12 over our normal water bill during the summer months when the grand-kids swim a lot (cannon balls!). We put our pool half-way under shade trees so we do have to spend a little more time skimming the top and vacuuming but probably not more than 15-20 minutes a day. We let our pump run 24/7 and I haven’t notice much of an increase in the electric bill. Hope this helps.

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