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Swimming Pool Chemicals Test Kits

swimming pool chemicals test kits
chemical buildup in pool?

So this afternoon I was swimming at my health club when the guy came in to test the water. He scooped some up in a container, did the test, and then poured it down the drain. Then he went and used the same container to test from the hot tub without rinsing it first.

I told him that it’s probably toxic and he should rinse it first. I’ve never had my own pool before, but I have aquariums, and the testing kits for that certainly aren’t inert. His response was “if it was toxic I’d be required to wear gloves”

After he left, I went and looked in the maintenance book, which is available for anyone to look in, and what he tested for was PH and BR.

My question is, what chemicals are used to test for those things? How toxic are they? And do they build up in the body?

I’m pretty peeved, because this is a swimming pool after all, and people are bound to get water in their eyes, nose and mouth.

i’m not sure about BR. PH is a measure of the acidity of a substance. The scale goes from 1-14 (or thereabouts) a PH of 7 is neutral, which means it isn’t acidic.
Anything below 7 is acidic and the smaller the number the more acidic it is. anything above 7 is basic and higher number… more basic.

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Pool Chemicals Test Kits

pool chemicals test kits
Pool water has been shocked, turned green…Brown?

Scubabob…….come to my rescue!!
I have done everything to fix my pool water.
Purchased a testing kit, all the steps…..Shocked it, turned brown, then settled a lot to the bottom. Vacuumed, new filters, metal out, algae stuff…..
I’m about ready to take it down and start all over!
It’s 4 ft x 18ft.
We live on an acreage, & used our well water of course.
What can I do? I have put so many chemicals into the water now, I’m scared to let my kids swim in it now. HELP!!
By the way..
Smart guys are a turn on! 🙂

Sounds like you are on the right path. Don’t worry about the chemicals they are all normal. If you are concerned then shower off after using pool. If your pool is round I calculate 2423 gallons of water when filled to the brim. Your well water likely has iron in it. Do you drink from your well water? Getting the drinking water checked may shed light on what your are dealing with, pool water wise. Pool water is different than drinking water. Never drink pool water, don’t distil it, boil it or evaporate it. It is not the chlorine but all the other stuff you add to the water. Acid to balance the pH, algaecide, soda ash, Cyanuric Acid, etc, etc. With that said a little probably will not kill you but if it was your only source of drinking water I would not drink.

1ppm of sodium hypochlorite 12.5%, or liquid pool chlorine, add 2.70oz. Normal chlorine levels are 1-3ppm with 5 max. Shocking/Superchlorination of pool water is done by measuring free chlorine levels then increasing 10x. For maximum effect do when sun off the pool. Check following day for safe levels before swimming. Conditioner, stabilizer or Cyanuric Acid are all the same thing. 30-50ppm will allow your chlorine, any chlorine, to live longer. Check yours or add to water if you have not.

Watch your pH, all chlorine is different pH, some high, low and neutral depending on which one used will push, pull or otherwise affect pH.

Well water has all sorts of “stuff” in it that needs to be addressed. Take a sample of pool water to your local pool supply and have it checked, tell them it is well water and what your have already added. I am sure they can help you and are likely aware of local water conditions.

Strip and clean out your filters again. Lots of stuff may have been filtered out but still in your “pool”. Cleaning filter out removes it from your pool water.

Your filters can be reused for several years if cleaned properly.

You’re welcome!!

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