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Swimming Pool Chemicals Bleach

swimming pool chemicals bleach
what do i put in a vinyl pool for chemicals (noone sells chemicals around here) can i use bleach? what do i us

my husband seems to think i we can use bleach, but i want to be able to swim in the pool still. no one sells pool chemicals around here so we need somethin else to use
i live out in the middle of the country in MONTANA! there is no big towns around, miles city is the closest, and noone sells the stuff there , no pools sales either!

Try this stuff: www.pristineblue.com.
Can order on-line. Uses a tiny amount every 2 weeks. Simplest, most effective thing I’ve ever found. (By the way, it’s made in Nebraska.)

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Pool Chemicals Bleach Baking Soda

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questions on quick set pools with chemicals?

I have read you can use baking soda and bleach? How does that work compair to buying chemicals? What is the best way to keep a pool with sparkeling blue water? I have a quick set pool that is 12 x 36 thanks
thanks! Oh the pool shocker, you use it once a week right? Do you mix the whole bag or just part of the bag?

I have had 3 of the pools in the last 8 years..bleach will eat the blue patterns off of the bottom liner and can eat the rubber up in the small pump..They sell a bromide tablet dispenser for around 4.00 and a large jar of the tablets for around 10.00..a large jar lasts 2 seasons easily, and after said and done, iss cheaper than bleach without doing damage to your pump…

Sodium HypoChloride+Brake Fluid

Pool Chemicals Borax

pool chemicals borax
Have your tried this for maintaining your swimming pool?

I just purchased a quick set pool for this summer! Excited to finally have a swimming pool – even if it isn’t a real big pool. Anyway I was looking online and found where you use baking soda for the alkalinity of the pool, bleach for the chlorine & ph increaser Mule Team Borax. I am thinking about trying this to save some money on chemicals. Have you tried it? Did it keep your pool clear or did it turn green and cloudy?
The pool box said it comes with a maintenance kit…not sure what that is. Need the hubby to get the box out of the car so we car open it up. I hope it is a pool water tester. If not I will purchase that to make sure the water is at the proper ph & chlorine level.

Bleach and liquid chlorine from the pool shop are the same thing, just slightly different in strength. The bleach is weaker and may contain scent.
Baking soda will do the trick for your TA but bear in mind how much you’ll need. You’ll probably find it’s cheaper to buy in bulk or hit the local pool shop where you’ll find it in 8kg pails (approx 16 pounds). One box you’ll find at the supermarket won’t even put a dent in raising your TA.
The maintenance kit you ask about will be the vac pole, vac head, hose, pool brush, test kit, net and probably a thermometer.

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Pool Chemicals Baking Soda

pool chemicals baking soda
I need some help with the pool chemicals.?

What do I use to lower the ph level in the pool?
What do I use to raise the ph level?

I have a store bought stabilizer?
I have soda ash?
I have baking soda?
I have Muratec acid?

To reduce the ph level you use sodium bi-sulphate also called ph down
To increase the ph level you use a product called ph up or soda ash

Stabilizer is used to protect your chlorine from being ineffective especially under the suns rays
Baking Soda is used to raise the alkalinity of your water which should be around 70-120
Muriatic acid can be used to lower alkalinity if pillared otherwise it reduces ph
Soda Ash is a water softener / ph increaser

Hope that helps. Personally i prefer to use powdered chemicals for reducing ph as it is safer to store then muriatic
acid since it eats thru its container in time.

Like the other responder said add chemicals in small amounts especially with regards to ph as you will end up bouncing around a lot otherwise

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Pool Chemicals Bleach

pool chemicals bleach
Instead of buying expensive pool chemicals, can I just add bleach to my pool?

There is a ton of misinformation in the posts above. Clorox is roughly 6% sodium hypochlorite and the rest is water with a tiny bit of salt. Liquid pool chlorine is normally 10-12% sodium hypochlorite and the rest is water with a tiny bit of salt. THEY ARE IDENTICAL except for strength. Clorox is and has been used in thousands of pools daily. It’s not neccesarily cheaper, but frequently more convenient. More importantly, Sodium hypochlorite is, by far, the BEST thing you can sanizite a pool with. Simply because nothing gets added to your pool except the little bit of salt. All other forms of chlorine add other things to your pool….many of which can accumulate over time and cause unwanted side effects. There is an entire forum dedicated to this principle…www.troublefreepool.com…..check it out.

Bleach-Drowning Pool-Sinner

Swimming Pool Chemicals Baking Soda

swimming pool chemicals baking soda
Is it legal to '24 bleach to your pool?

I have an above-ground pool that has become green during winter. I had the Water Weeks tested twice during the last three and I have cleared my chemicals but it is still green. I replaced the filter cartridge (and clean it and remove It twice a day) and shock-and super-shock "4 times and used alge remover twice. A friend recommended by several gallons of bleach with baking soda. You swear! I spent tons of $ and still have a green pool? Does bleach hurt the filter or liner? done shock X-tra Blue, and that the glass of water, green = water ….. I have a service-testing pool and they can not believe that it's green, because everything is balanced? I am very fustrated. Thanks Doogie, but I do not have a cartridge filter Sand and bought two new filter cartridge three weeks ago, I change twice a day, it is clean, while the other runs. more options?

I a 27 'above ground pool and wore my blanket during the winter, and I had the same problem. Mine is now clear. I have in 3 liters of algaecide (if your water is green, then the pain is still alive), my constant pH, chlorine tested and stored at a high level and run the filter continuously. It took about one weeks before I see the bottom of the pool. Dead postherpetic the floor, and when I'm in water I stir in a vacuum, so I am a bottle and threw it clearifier and the pump can run for a few days and the problem solved. Hope this helps.

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