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Flat Iron Heat Protection Spray

flat iron heat protection spray
I straighten my hair with an iron, but I did not heat protection spray … ?

Is there a way to protect my hair yet Fire? I do not think my hair cut until the end … : (?

You can use a light hair spray hair use heat as a protector. Most professional Hair styling spray that on the packaging. Section of the room, spray lightly, use the iron.

Product Test/Mini Review: Megasilk Olive Heat Protection Spray

Heat Protector Hair

heat protector hair
What’s the best heat protector for your hair?

Which heat protector should i use before blowdrying and straightening? I use TREsemme shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair and that works good. and i wanted to know what heat protector i should use since i straighten my hair everyday using the remington shine therapy straightener. i’ve tried some protectors and they sometimes make my hair oily so i dont like to use them but i dont want to damage my hair. so what protector works the best and won’t make my hair oily?

thanks 🙂

I sometimes spray it right on my roots and it will NEVER make your hair oily i promise!! It makes your hair soo shiny and smell reall good!!
and its only like 5$!!!

Trust me!! Its the BESTT

Heat Protection Hair Spray

heat protection hair spray
Where can I find the best heat protection spray for hair?

Any recommendations? I straigthen my hair a lot and I would like to use a product to protect my hair from heat damage. Does anyone use any, which works the best?

Marc Anthony products are amazing. If you use the shampoos and conditioners, as well as the heat protection sprays/mousses, it’ll do wonders for your hair.

Got2B products are also really good, and they’re less expensive than Marc Anthony.

Revlon also sells some pretty good products.

You can get these products basically anywhere.

Battle Of The Heat Protection Sprays (high end VS drugstore)