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Best Heat Protectant

best heat protectant
what is the best heat protectant to use when flat ironing afro hair?

apart from oils(olive/carrot). please help 🙂 dont want to singe my hair off.

Actually oils are bad, this is like frying your hair. Oil+heat=bad. You do want a barrier though. Here is a video:

But honestly I don’t recommend flat ironing any hair regularly but def. not for our hair type.


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Best Heat Protectant Serum

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What better-in conditioner and heat ProtecR / damaged hair dry Leave?

I recently got a haircut. My hair is very thick, it is damaged wavy / curly, coarse, dry and light. I want a good leave-in conditioner and heat protection, because I often just my hair. I currently use Redken Smooth Heat glide, but I prefer a protector Non-serum. I do not care for the price, but I want something that does not show $ 30. Thank you!

Try using Alberto VO 5 Hairdressing, Watch this video. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6868477555999981944&q=Alberto+VO5+Commercials&ei=9YeISJasGo6g4ALkyKjGCA&hl=en http://www.expotv.com/videos/reviews/3/42/AlbertoVO5ConditioningHairdressing2/171951

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