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Bioguard Pool Chemicals

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What chemicals do I need for an inground pool?

I recently went to a “Pool School”, which was basically an advertisement for BioGuard’s brand of chemicals. I’d like to know exactly what chemicals I need on hand to keep my pool maintained. Should I go with a “program” of chemicals offered by BioGuard or some other company and stick with that exclusively? Or is it possible to buy everything I need at WalMart, KMart or Target and will it do as good a job? What are everybody’s recommendations? (Leave the Wal-Mart hatred out of this, please.)

Answer number two offers appropriate clues. I’ve had 3 houses with pools so far in Florida. One suggestion being, get a decent test kit and knowing the size/gallons of your pool determine by making all the tests, what the pool lacks or is HIGH in. BTW replace a test kit often, or the chemicals at least. Color variations in the sample sleeve can change, as well as the Blue/Red/ Yellow test chemicals can degrade.

It’s not a difficult job mainating one, but it’s a habit you need to involve in. In FL for example a pool lacking certain CHEMS can go green in a week or less. Shop around too. BioGuard if it works might be the way to stay. Check those “Igredients” against Big Box store brands. Not much is different in “Brand” or Store brand. That applies most evidently to grocery stores.

Obviously Chlorine is at the top of the list.

Pool Chem Properties: Some dissapate, and flow out microscopically. Some remain residual, to the point that they build up. “Stabilizer” is one that will not go away. Knowing those properties and the various uses for all the CHEMS is your best, first step.

At one point I had an entire garage wall loaded with more chemicals than I needed; Various algeacides; shocks; stain removers; Tabs and liquid Chlorine; as well as multiple test kits. Once the pool is “BALANCED” ,minor maintenace, and regular testing are essential. I was able to discard most of the JUNK.

Obviously other factors are issues, such as keeping a filtering system clean and functional. If you have a DE filter (Common) then regular back flushing and adding dilluted DE to the skimmer is needed. Once a year in normal use the filter should be dismantled and the Residual DE and hair, leaves, kids toys, etc, should be cleaned out.

One other issue for now, then I’ll stop. Your environment also plays a large role in the balance of the pool. Certainly if it’s screened you’ll have less issues with organic matter getting into the pool and filter system.

Decaying leaves for example, sucked into the skimmer or basket do decay and add their own chemicals to the mix.

Here in FL I’ve cleaned Toads/Frogs/Snakes/ leaves, etc. out of my filters.

Steven Wolf

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