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Swimming Pool Chemicals Bromine

swimming pool chemicals bromine
What is the best way to super chlorinate my swimming pool.?

The pool has mustard algae. I have shocked it and added bromine to no avail. I have added cynuric acid to bring the ph within range. The stability is ok and the alkalinity is ok. The combined chlorine is ok but the active chlorine is low. I still have mustard algae, really bad, maybe worse than before I started adding chemicals, any suggestions?

Take a sample to a pool store & get it tested.
We recommend using YELLOW OUT with
calcium hypocholrite (HTH).
The label on the YELLOW OUT gives directions.
If you follow the label, it will clear right up for you.
Do not let them sell you YELLOW TREAT, it will not
work like the YELLOW OUT.

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Pool Chemicals Ph Levels

pool chemicals ph levels
Just bought a pool – which chemicals do I need???

Just bought one of those inflatable pools… comes with a filter and a pump. It’s 3 feet deep and 12 feet in diameter. The instructions tell me to add chems but don’t tell me what I need. I believe it’s an 8000 litre pool. Roughly 2,100 gallons.

Do I just need to get chlorine and something for algae? Or what about acid to balance the ph levels? Do I also need to get a ph testing kit?


Yes. Yes. and Yes.
If there is a pool store in your area you can probably take a sample of your pool water to them to be tested (for a small fee.) They will tell you what to add and how much. Your test kit will tell you how to make the adjustments going forward.

Pool pH Levels

Pool Chemicals Bromine

pool chemicals bromine
The water in my spa (bromine) has been cleared shoulddo in my pool (chlorine), what and what can be the cause?

We have a spa and swimming pool. and they both heating are connected, also .. and my brother have made a mistake and pumped the water in the Jacuzzi spa pool. I do not know if these chemicals react and what to do to get everything back to normal.

Chlorine and bromine are quite similar. Do not worry and do not let your brother about your new spa.

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Pool Chemicals Bromine Chlorine

pool chemicals bromine chlorine
I have a relatively new pool (3-4 years).?

It uses a mineral purification system instead of chlorine or bromine, if it makes a difference. Anyway, I opened this year and there were tons of algae in it, so I shocked to get rid of algae and it is finally over. Now he has tons of particles around them, making it cloudy . Float I changed laundry and filter all the time and the guy to save the pool, said the chemicals in the water are perfect. What the hell am I to do to particles FRIEKIN get rid of this? Always a shock to a swimming pool … This is how you keep your balance. And believe me, it's not cheap to keep shocking. And the filter Removal of particles, but it does not seem like it make a difference.

Flocculation (or coagulation), adding chemicals that bind to these or tiny particles stick together, in large clumps, which settle to the bottom of the pool and let the water clear. These "bouquets" can easily suck be removed by the pool. Chlorination or shock treatment of chlorine can also drain the water, but is expensive and disrupts the water balance. Flocculant is relatively cheap and can are often used in swimming pools who are a high level of pollutants (both of waste on the environment and the swimmer) exposed. Your pool should be saved "Agents flake. Follow the manufacturer's instructions are for use, because there are a lot of" flake agents "are available, each with different directions.

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