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Pool Maintenance Illinois

pool maintenance illinois
How old do you have to be to have a pool maintenance job in Illinois after you are certified?

I am 16 and i am about to be certified to service public pools but i wanted to know how old i have to be to get a job servicing one.

It depends on what level of maintenance we’re talking. If it’s simple cleaning and minor repair work, then you should be able to get a job at 16. If it’s more of a mechanical technician, I don’t believe there would be any specific age restriction except those required for certification and by the individual facilities.
Never hurts to ask a facility directly.

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Heat Pro Heaters

heat pro heaters
Clean water line broke flooding dirt crawl space. Water pumped out. Next?

Live in a rural area east of Reno, NV, and no “pros” around. Currently using only a very large fan; weather is expected to remain cold. Should I get construction heater? I was afraid of encouraging mold with heat. Affected surface area approx 2000 sq. ft. Would appreciate some advice.

1st of all, lets not worry about encouraging mold with heat, that’s not how it works. Two things cause mold: wet and the mold having “food”. For example, if the crawlspace is clean, with no garbage or construction debris, you really don’t have to worry about mold except on any surfaces that mold forms on; wood, drywall etc. Mold will form within 72 hrs of a surface getting wet, but if there is nothing for it to eat, then it will go dormant once it dries. As long as it stays dry, no problem, if it gets wet again, mold will come back. The fan should work fine, just the airflow will dry. Make sure the fan is on a safe circuit, so that you can leave it on all the time. Once dry, you can spray any affected surfaces with bleach, (wear a mask), just to be sure. If you still have questions, email me.

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Pool Chemicals Australia

pool chemicals australia
It is safe to swim in a pool when pregnant?

Is it safe to swim in a pool when pregnant?

We have a spa that we have turn right down so it’s cold, as we are in Australia and it’s our summer now. So it’s a spa but it’s cold water.

Will it be fine to swim in it now that the water is cold?

what if our chemical levels are a bit low?

It’s perfectly fine and safe to swim while pregnant. It’s good exercise and can help relieve some of the aches and pains from pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. Just make sure not to get into water that’s too hot and have fun!

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Swimming Pool Maintenance Vacuums

swimming pool maintenance vacuums
is this possible???????

i know you can make underground stone pools.

i want an undergrond stone pool but with freshwater, no chlorine. and i want to have tropical freshwater fish living in there. i would have the heater on daily so the water stays at the same temp.
also i would have a waterfall to keep the water moving. and i would have drains more than one around the pool to keep it really clean(i would put a screen over the drains so the fish dont get in there)

also i would have sucker fish, and those pool vacuums?

aalllssooo!!! this would be an indoor pool, so no bugs would get in.

this is possible right? meaning, people can have freshwater pools with fish and swim in the pool too if i do all the maintenance right?

am i forgeting anything?

and say money is not the issue.

you will need filters but otherwise that sounds awesome

Removing Algae From a Swimming Pool : Vacuuming Dead Algae From Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Chemicals Australia

swimming pool chemicals australia
Est-il prudent de mettre des poissons rouges dans une piscine pour garder Mozzies sous contrôle?

En raison de la sécheresse, ici en Australie, nous ne pouvons pas top jusqu'à la piscine de sorte qu'il vient de assis, évaporation lente et finiront par être une source d'eau pour mes plantes. Mais en attendant, il est devenu un terrain fertile pour les moustiques et autres bestioles. J'ai testé l'eau et le pH sont très élevés, mais je voulais mettre des poissons rouges dans là pour manger les insectes qui sont maintenant l'alimentation sur nous la nuit. J'ai des produits chimiques qui sont utilisés pour traiter l'eau pour la baignade, mais je ne crois pas qu'il seraient sans danger pour les poissons rouges. Que puis-je utiliser pour abaisser le pH qui est sûr pour le poisson rouge, qui ne coûtera pas trop cher, en gardant à l'esprit qu'il ya environ 20.000 litres d'eau? Juste vous le le savez, il n'ya pas de chlore dans la piscine, il n'ya pas de produits chimiques là-dedans ce que-si jamais, rien n'a été ajouté pour plus d'un mois maintenant, parce que l'eau est trop faible pour faire circuler. Thats pourquoi la Mozzies l'aime tellement. J'ai besoin de garder l'eau utilisable pour mes plantes.

peut-être vous devriez essayer un poisson rouge d'abord, juste pour voir comment il fait. Si elle meurt, vous saurez vous ne pouvez pas le faire. Comme pour abaisser le pH, vous aurez à visiter votre magasin local pour animaux de compagnie et de voir ce qu'ils ont à dire.

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Swimming Pool Chemicals Info

swimming pool chemicals info
Does anyone know any alternative or Baquacil to chlorine for swimming pools not Dry?

I've heard that 35% hydrogen peroxide high quality Foods can be safely used, but require large amounts of information and accurate per gallon of water. I tried H20 sides, but they have not to my e-mails (More) responding.

You can convert salt. Salt water pools are less expensive and easier to maintain than chlorine. Almost everyone here uses salt in Australia.

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