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Hth Pool Chemicals

hth pool chemicals
how to clean dirty brown water from my pool and keep it out?

i filled my above ground pool and added the chemicals it calls for from hth pools and now the water is cloudy and a dirty brownish color any help would be greatful—-thanks

try shock and flock? The ‘shock’ is chlorine. The ‘flock’ is floculant. It groups together and weighs down the particles to light to sink to the bottom. Then you just vacuum it up. I think even walmart sells a 7 in 1 bag of the stuff for pretty cheap.
If this doesn’t do it, take about 3/4 gallon of your pool water in a freezer bag to any pool supply store. They will analyze it and tell you exactly what you need and how much to fix the problem. (no charge for the analysis).


Pool Chemicals Questions

pool chemicals questions
pool chemical question?

if my pool is really low on chlorine do i add tablets or a powder form or what

Depending on the size of the pool you can use regular household bleach to get your chlorine levels boosted quickly. Just make sure it’s non-scented.

If your pool is 10,000 gallons or more you can add 1 gallon of bleach for each 10,000 gallons. 5,000-10,000 add in 1/2 gallon. Less than 5,000 add in 1/4 gallon. In a kiddie pool add in 2 cups.

These levels will raise your free chlorine levels by 5ppm +/- 1ppm. However it will also raise the pH of the water some so be aware that you may need to make adjustments afterwards.

Feel free to drop me a line at robandliz1992@yahoo.com for more personalized help. Please include the gallons of the pool, filtration system, chlorination system, readings for: free chlorine, total chlorine, pH, alkalinity, hardness, and cyanuric acid.

Pool Chlorine Used to Oxidize Explosive

Pool Chemicals Hth

pool chemicals hth
squirell drowned in a pool of my vinyl and I am afraid of diseases in the water, can kill all the super shocking?

I called the number 800 for hth pool chemicals and didfn not know, but suggested that I shocks three times of water at 6 ppm

I want to drain only to be secure. Honest. You do not know how long it was there, and it can anger and scabies in it.


Saltwater Pool Maintenance Chemicals

saltwater pool maintenance chemicals
Question on pool maintenance and set up?

I buy a 20 'x 4' Pool, on the ground. This is my first experience with the possession a pool, so I really do not know how to best implement and supervise the pool. I know I have to first base plane, and we intend to buy sand to do. What types of chemicals / cleaning agents must I buy, first, and then monthly? How often should I use? Should I invest in a salt water system? (Is it cheaper? Easier?) I saw a lot of complaining that is not the filter that comes with the pool large enough for the size of the pool, what size is best for a pool of 20 '? In addition, this type of cleaning equipment I buy? Should I be worried trees nearby? How about the monthly Costs of chemicals and pool filters? Thanks in advance, and sorry to for the amount of questions. 🙂

First, the volume of your pool is about 10,000 gallons. There is no way to tell you what you need to put in water varies as a municipal water supply. Your best bet is to get a clean glass (clean cover) and then take a sample for a chemical supply for local pool. It will test the water and tell you (and sell) the chemicals you need. You have online systems Sea sanitation look. They add to control your cost, but they are less expensive to maintain. In relation to the trees … Do you worry, BUT, Trees litter your pool if they lose their leaves. It would be wise to a plastic cover for swimming. The surface of your pool is 314 square feet, but you will plastic sheets that must cover a minimum of 400 square meters, the plastic plates that are rectangular, not round. There is no accurate way to keep your cost pool or define filters since they are determined by use of the pool, outside temperature, wind … and those pesky leaves. You need chemicals to monitor and hold it balanced.

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