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Swimming Pool Chemicals Test Kits

swimming pool chemicals test kits
chemical buildup in pool?

So this afternoon I was swimming at my health club when the guy came in to test the water. He scooped some up in a container, did the test, and then poured it down the drain. Then he went and used the same container to test from the hot tub without rinsing it first.

I told him that it’s probably toxic and he should rinse it first. I’ve never had my own pool before, but I have aquariums, and the testing kits for that certainly aren’t inert. His response was “if it was toxic I’d be required to wear gloves”

After he left, I went and looked in the maintenance book, which is available for anyone to look in, and what he tested for was PH and BR.

My question is, what chemicals are used to test for those things? How toxic are they? And do they build up in the body?

I’m pretty peeved, because this is a swimming pool after all, and people are bound to get water in their eyes, nose and mouth.

i’m not sure about BR. PH is a measure of the acidity of a substance. The scale goes from 1-14 (or thereabouts) a PH of 7 is neutral, which means it isn’t acidic.
Anything below 7 is acidic and the smaller the number the more acidic it is. anything above 7 is basic and higher number… more basic.

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Swimming Pool Chemicals Blue

swimming pool chemicals blue
Swimming Pool Question?

I am a new pool owner this summer. Here is how I have been taking care of my pool and then I have one question maybe someone can help me with. Once a week on Sunday night I super shock the pool, add algaecide and clearifier. The next morning after doing chemicals, we vacume the pool since the chemicals gather the small particals to the floor. Everyday I test the water and most of the time the PH is perfect and I don’t have to do anything. But when it is off when I test it with the test strip, I add the PH plus that evening. I have never had any signs of algae or cloudyness. Its blue, clear and sparkly! But heres the thing…when I test the water everyday, the Free Chlorine (FC)/Bromine is always the color that shows 0/0. And its suppose to be pink which shows 1/2 to 2/4 that is in the ideal range. Im not sure why it never registers that I have any Chlorine (FC). Like I said we don’t have ANY pool problems so should I add something or just leave it alone!!?? Thanks!

You probably don’t neet to use algaecide and clarifier so often, I only use them once a year at opening, and use chlorine and soda ash (to raise pH) the rest of the season.

What are you shocking the water with? If you are using Bromine, you will have no free chlorine. You might need a different test kit. But if you are using chlorine, maybe it none of it is free, all of it is bound? If your water is clear and you are not growing algae, maybe it’s not a problem.

Your pool store may offer free water evaluation if you take them a water sample. It might bne interesting to see what they say.

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Swimming Pool Chemicals Hot Tub

swimming pool chemicals hot tub
why is it …..?

why is it that pregnant women can sit in their bath hot, steamy, but they can not go to a Spa? And when it cuz of chemicals, why they can swim in a pool? my dr. says I can take really hot baths, but can not go in a spa. my bathtub is hotter than most spas.

You're a doctor is not very intelligent … You should not be in a very hot bath. The warmth of the water can cause increased body temperature in a manner which can be hazardous to your baby.

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Pool Chemicals Alternatives

pool chemicals alternatives
how often big change water in swimming pools for children?

We have a large children's wading pool this basis is used daily on a fast. It takes a long time to fill and empty, and we have cover for the top. How long should I water and what the alternatives are for the disinfection sure (Our children are very young and they often swallow the water, so that no chemicals please), I thank you for your suggestions!

Arm and Hammer Baking Soda has released a new pool of products …… comes in bags …. Walmart has it

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Pool Chemicals Shock

pool chemicals shock
I have done EVERYTHING I can think of, and my pool water is still green?

We have a smallish (12 ft by 30 inches) pool. I have added chemicals, shocked it, etc, and the water is still a greenish tint. All the test kits say that the 6 things being tested are in balance, so I assume it’s safe for swimming, but UGLY. Is it safe to run the filter while people are IN the pool? My husband says yes, that it’s not an electrocution hazard, but the company said not to in the directions. My husband is nearly certain that they say that because of the suction of the filter, but this is a small pump, so I don’t think that will be a problem. Of course, we also don’t leave the kids unattended.
Any ideas?
OH, we also have used an algaecide.

It takes time it doesn’t just magically disappear, The filter has to run to clean the algae out, it might take a few days and you will most likely need to clean it frequently as it will clog up fast and the flow will be significantly reduced. It’s not really advisable to swim in it, high levels of algae are typically considered a health hazard.

If your pump is a wall plug in type make sure it is connected to a GFI protected outlet. Aside from the algae it should be be safe to use the pool while the pump is running, but of course I have no idea for the reasoning behind the pool manufacturers instructions other than 100% safety for the users, in particular children. If their hair got pulled into the inlet would they be able to escape or would they drown?

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Pool Chemicals Supplies

pool chemicals supplies
where can I find a kit for a 25 yard, 6 lane pool?

Who should supply the kit? I need to make a proposal to the town for a public pool. By using a kit we could cuts a lot of costs, as much of the work could be done by volunteers rather than pros where can we find a kit for a 25 yard, 6 lane pool? i understand some stuff will need to be contracted, but still. any info about filtration systems, deck construction, chemical provider, etc. … look, I need at retailer or website. The Y does not sell pool kits.


Border Pools Maintenance & Supplies Laredo TX

Swimming Pool Chemicals Bromine

swimming pool chemicals bromine
What is the best way to super chlorinate my swimming pool.?

The pool has mustard algae. I have shocked it and added bromine to no avail. I have added cynuric acid to bring the ph within range. The stability is ok and the alkalinity is ok. The combined chlorine is ok but the active chlorine is low. I still have mustard algae, really bad, maybe worse than before I started adding chemicals, any suggestions?

Take a sample to a pool store & get it tested.
We recommend using YELLOW OUT with
calcium hypocholrite (HTH).
The label on the YELLOW OUT gives directions.
If you follow the label, it will clear right up for you.
Do not let them sell you YELLOW TREAT, it will not
work like the YELLOW OUT.

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