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Chi Heat Protector Spray

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Can I purchase products such as the CHI Iron Guard 44 to protect iron my hair against the form of heat curling?

My hair straigikht, Then I curl my hair, I know CHI products are really good and perfect for smoothing the hair to go with their other products. Therefore, since there is only one heat protection the hair, which allows to use it to protect my hair from heat damage would be curling irons, right? So what's in your opionion the best hair spray? (Biolage, Big Sexy Hair, etc. ..)

yes! You can safely use products for waving hair CHI. Big Sexy Hair hairspray was great if you want a strong hold. If you use this make sure you use a shampoo clarifying each time you receive any accumulation. Personally, I like Redken 18 or 23 .. It depends on keeping youre looking for.

No CHI For Me