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Pool Chemicals Shock

pool chemicals shock
I have done EVERYTHING I can think of, and my pool water is still green?

We have a smallish (12 ft by 30 inches) pool. I have added chemicals, shocked it, etc, and the water is still a greenish tint. All the test kits say that the 6 things being tested are in balance, so I assume it’s safe for swimming, but UGLY. Is it safe to run the filter while people are IN the pool? My husband says yes, that it’s not an electrocution hazard, but the company said not to in the directions. My husband is nearly certain that they say that because of the suction of the filter, but this is a small pump, so I don’t think that will be a problem. Of course, we also don’t leave the kids unattended.
Any ideas?
OH, we also have used an algaecide.

It takes time it doesn’t just magically disappear, The filter has to run to clean the algae out, it might take a few days and you will most likely need to clean it frequently as it will clog up fast and the flow will be significantly reduced. It’s not really advisable to swim in it, high levels of algae are typically considered a health hazard.

If your pump is a wall plug in type make sure it is connected to a GFI protected outlet. Aside from the algae it should be be safe to use the pool while the pump is running, but of course I have no idea for the reasoning behind the pool manufacturers instructions other than 100% safety for the users, in particular children. If their hair got pulled into the inlet would they be able to escape or would they drown?

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Pool Chemicals Stabilizer

pool chemicals stabilizer
How long should I wait before putting in the next pool chemical?

I know how much of each chemical to put in, i need to know how long to wait before putting in the next chemical. I’ll be adding ph down, stabilizer, calcium, alkalinity,cholrine, shock, and algeacide. Thanks in advance.
I did the water analysis on aquachem.com, it’s supposed to be accurate.

Adjust your alkalinity/pH first. Then shock. Then calcium. Then algaecide, if it is really necessary. Lastly, stabilizer and chlorine. Three to four hours between each treatment is sufficient time. You want to make sure that you do the stabilizer and chlorine last because they take longer to work. Also, you might want to time it so that you shock your pool in late afternoon/early evening. It will be more effective because sunlight evaporates the chlorine very quickly. The shock will have more time to do its job if you do it at night.


Pool Chemicals Uses

pool chemicals uses
which chemicals do you put in an above ground walmart pool?

we’re getting a pool from walmart that is 12 feet in diameter and roughly 3 feet deep. i know you have to test the water and use chemicals, but i don’t know how to do either. HELP?

i do use the teststrips. it says everything is okay, but i need chlorine. i bought the chlorine tabs. is this still okay?

i own a pool company and you need to test for chlorine and ph.get a test kit NOT test strips chlorine should be at 3.0 ph should be 7.2 to 7.8 but before you add chlorine to pool add two (2) pounds of stabilizer/conditioner to pool wait two (2) hours then pour into bucket of water one (1) pound of granulated chlorine dissolve completely then pour in pool if you need more help jldailey2000@yahoo.com

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Pool Maintenance Chlorine Level

pool maintenance chlorine level
Mathe Hilfe plz mir helfen?

Chlor Hinzu SI Oft ein Schwimmbad zu helfen kg IS Clorin Jede Woche reinigen das Wasser in einem Pool insbesondere 9,. Pool Filter absorbiert 30% der Chlor pro Woche. Wie viel in den Pool Chlor nach 7 Wochen? Bestimmen Sie die Wartung Niveau von Chlor im Pool? Ich habe in diesem Sequenz Frage Stunde für Jahr und kann sie nicht jemand mir helfen, mir zeigen, wie u get diese Antwort

Nicht wissend, was Sie studieren genauen Gegenstand, dann ist dies eine rekursive Problem ist. Vielleicht you-can konvertieren in diesem Jahr in die unendlichen Reihe, aber ich bin nicht sicher, dass Sie tatsächlich benötigen, um … n = c = KW Chlorin (in kg) c (0) = 0 c (n) = 9 + 0,7 * c (n-1) Woche 1: c (1) = 9 + 0,7 * c (1-1) = 9 + 0,7 * c (0) = 9 + 0,7 * 0 = 9 kg Woche 2: c (2) = 9 + 0,7 * c (1) = 9 + 0,7 * 9 = 15.3kg Woche 3: c (3) = 9 + 0,7 * c (2) = 9 + 0,7 * 15,3 = 19.71kg … Woche 7: c (7) = 9 + 0,7 * c (6) = 9 + 0,7 * 26,47 = 27.53kg Wartung Ebene ist, wo c (n) = c (n-1) x = 9 + 0,7 * x 0,3 x = 9 x = 9/0.3 = 30 kg

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Swimming Pool Chemicals Bromine

swimming pool chemicals bromine
What is the best way to super chlorinate my swimming pool.?

The pool has mustard algae. I have shocked it and added bromine to no avail. I have added cynuric acid to bring the ph within range. The stability is ok and the alkalinity is ok. The combined chlorine is ok but the active chlorine is low. I still have mustard algae, really bad, maybe worse than before I started adding chemicals, any suggestions?

Take a sample to a pool store & get it tested.
We recommend using YELLOW OUT with
calcium hypocholrite (HTH).
The label on the YELLOW OUT gives directions.
If you follow the label, it will clear right up for you.
Do not let them sell you YELLOW TREAT, it will not
work like the YELLOW OUT.

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Swimming Pool Chemicals Chlorine Tablets

swimming pool chemicals chlorine tablets
J'aime travailler dans le domaine des produits chimiques des piscines, comment je peux fabriquer les comprimés de chlore dans ma maison?

j'aime à le faire et l'utiliser avec les produits chimiques piscine, mais je ne connais l'(savoir faire).

Je ne voudrais pas essayer de faire des comprimés de chlore et je suis une chimie majeur. Je ne pense pas que vous devez soit. Le chlore peut causer des grands problèmes de santé et je doute que vous pouvez acheter l'étoffe d'une étagère. Le chlore est stabilisé généralement avec du calcium c'est pourquoi il est sous forme de granulés ou de comprimés à la boutique.

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