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Closing Pool Chemicals Needed

closing pool chemicals needed
I really need help with the pool?

Ok so, we just took the tarp off the pool, and the water was fairly clean, but then the tarp fell in, and now the water is green. I have removed most of the leaves, and started pouring chemicals in. Then I turned on the pump, and well it’s not working correctly, and I am not really sure of what is wrong. It will work perfecly for about 40 minutes, and then it just stops, the pump keeps going but there will not be any water running through the filter. I cleaned the skimmer, and turned it back on, but it kept doing the same thing. And then after about another 25 minutes of running my air valve came open, water sprayed everywhere, and I cannot get it to close.
Obviously something is wrong, but I am completely clueless at this point.
It is an in-ground pool with a DE filter.

call someone to fix it

10280 SW HAWTHORNE LN, Portland, OR 97225