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Pool Maintenance Wa

pool maintenance wa
I have a pool house that abuts the property line?

I have a pool house that abuts the property line and has been in existence for the past 35 years. I live in Burien, WA zoned residential with 5′ interior setbacks. The pool house being inside the interior setback is not in dispute due to its age and ownership changes during its history for our lot and the neighbors lot.

My neighbor is now installing a 6′ fence that abuts a wall of the pool house and completely blocks any access to the siding and a downspout which is a problem should maintenance ever be needed in the future.

Our city code enforcer knows of no zoning restrictions for the City of Burien that could be used to prevent the neighbor from completing the fence but he asked if we knew of any universal building codes that addressed this circumstance. Can you answer that question

You have city; county and state of WI.

No such thing as a universal application here. If the city won’t forbid it, you probably have nothing. Fences are portable as far as easements are concerned. Especially in relation to a setback violation that is grandfathered in.

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