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Pool Products Warehouse

pool products warehouse
What are some alternative marketing strategies for selling products through a warehouse setting?

Install pool tables for a guy in springfield, mo. He sells pool tables and hot tubs. They are really expensive so, he buys hundreds at a time and sells them for about 50% to 80% below retail. They are brand new but he only advertises in newspapers. If he can be believed he spends over 10,000 dollars in advertising this way. Within the past 4 years business has slacked off. He micromanages and when he isn’t there, there is no business. Now he is advertising in arkansas, kansas, missouri, oklahoma, and illinois. He has me traveling up to 350 miles from springfield. Is there a better way for him to using his advertising dollar so that I don’t have to wear my vehicles out as fast. I’m putting over 200,000 miles on a year. I need to spend more time at home. Any suggestions?

You need to get your hands on the book called “Guerilla Marketing” and fast mate……

It’s a small book but full of ways to do what you want done on the quick….


Swimming Pool Filter replacements and cleaning

Pool Maintenance Vacation

pool maintenance vacation
Find out everything from vacation rentals in Tuscany?

5.3 friends and I are on a house in Tuscany for a week rent us in. We are at the beginning 30s female, fairly well made, probably looking for late June / early July. 'M a little cautious at random from the rental of rental sites. Concerned-sites Distance from the airport, the shops (we buy our own food, etc.) No, not really familiar with the towns of Tuscany to Florence and Pisa. All prefer the pool or beach. Have stations (probably beyond our budget low social workers) thought and visits (the veto, because we do not want to run around a lot were and repacking). Write a message, maybe we keep it up, we just want to sit around the sun, but we are not afraid of shopping, cooking or cleaning up after us. All recommendations and advice about places would be more accurate in Tuscany, holiday sites, lease negotiation advice, or protocol, or perhaps very similar alternatives grateful. Grazie!

Here are some suggestions for accommodation: http://www.tuscanweb.com/accommodation/castel_san_niccolo/dei_mori_la_massa_sage http://www.tuscanweb.com/accommodation/barberino_val_delsa/al_gelso_bianco Be careful if you rent a house in Tuscany, most of them located outside the cities, you need to transport or accommodation is to Rent a car. Also try to book early June / early July is peak season and already good and relatively cheap accommodation may already be full. Hope it helps.

Vacation home for sale in High Grove – 435 Summer Place Loop