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Swimming Pool Maintenance Questions

swimming pool maintenance questions
Im planning to purchase a house with a swimming pool.?

My questions are do they require a lot of maintenance , do they tend to increase your water bill? please let me know and thanks

a pool is an expensive toy.depending on how old the pool is and how well it has been maintained will dictate how much maintenance it will need.MAKE SURE TO GET A POOL INSPECTION BEFORE TOU BUY THE HOUSE !!! the inspection will tell if any of the pipes are leaking what shape the equipment and the pool is in i have dealt with many pools that have just been bought and not inspected and have been money pits

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Pool Maintenance Questions

pool maintenance questions
Sitting Villa …? Is there such a thing ..?

Hi, I'm looking to buy a villa in Florida (and I'm grateful for all the useful sites can you suggest:), my question is, there are no companies out there that service will be able orgainise pool maintenance, cleaning and general service to monitor your villa is to your standards, if rent for tourists held wuithout the need to fly there every week .. keep an eye on things? Any information would be very grateful! Thanks guys!

Of course .. and (although course) you will pay through the nose … I suggest you to other owners of Villa in the same place and ask them about their experiences (Some forums, groups, Yahoo, Facebook groups, etc.) PS The real estate market is very risky for the time (regardless of whether the optimists say, "Credit crunch is not over yet ..)

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