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Swimming Pool Chemicals Alkalinity

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Does the ph and alkalinity of pool water affect the quality and feel of it?

I add a lot of chemicals to my pool every year, why do I do this anyway? Why can I just swim? I mean, the water looks fine when I take the tarp off every year.

There’s a simple answer for that.

As you should know, pH is how Acidic or Basic a substance is. A neutral substance has a pH of 7 (6-8.5 is an appoximate reccommendation on good swimming pool pH). Let the pH get too low or high and it will start irritating your skin or eyes. You can easily test your pH by buying Multi-Test strips from Wal-Mart in the pool supply aisle.

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Pool Maintenance Forum

pool maintenance forum
Living in France?


I have just booked an appointment with the Chambre de Metier in Villeneuve, then joined this forum and found that everyone is talking about the Chambre de Commerce as a starting point. Please can anyone help point me in the right direction?

I am in the “Lot et Garonne” (47), bordering the “Dordogne” (24) and “Lot” (46) regions and am hoping to start a “Micro Enterprise”, looking after Gites, pool maintenance, lawn mowing, repair work, paving etc. I have a builders trailer, so can collect/dispose of large items.

Generally speaking if you are only going to do light repairs/maintenance work you may only need to register with the Chambre de Commerce. If you wish to carry out a professional trade such as builder, electrician, plumber etc. then you would definitely need to register with the Chambre de Metiers and will also need to take out Decenal insurance which guarantees your work for a minimum of 10 years.

The stinging point will be the Cotisations & taxes that you’ll have to pay, they can be very high and have to be paid as soon as you’ve registered regardless of whether you’re earning or not – France isn’t really in to small businesses unfortunately so it’s best to first visit a French accountant who will be able to advise you as to which is the best tax regime for you i.e. Micro Enterprise or Real.
Good luck


Swimming Pool Chemicals Ph

swimming pool chemicals ph
Dans une piscine, ce qui rend l'eau dure?

Notre piscine affiche 60 ppm Ca, 80 ppm Alkaninity, 7,4 pH, Chlore 3 ppm. C'est en plein air, à découvert, 44m ^ 3, carrelage. Recommandé calcium dureté est de 200 ppm, mais il ne se sent pas en douceur sur la peau. Y at-il d'autres produits chimiques qui rend difficile?

calcium et de magnésium. ces deux contaminants produire ce qui est communément appelé la «dureté» dans l'eau.

Winterizing Pool Chemicals Fail Bigtime

Swimming Pool Chemicals Low Ph

swimming pool chemicals low ph
pink foam in the pool?

I discovered my pool today and discovered upground fiberish pink foam hair at all like pool, especially on the scale. If You pick it, it feels like a lot of snot, but its easy to separate and separable. It is really bad and theres plenty of it. The pH value is too low for my Father threw some chemicals, but we are confused .. what is the pink foam? Is there some kind of growth? Is my pool safe for swimming?

What you describe looks like the problem commonly known as "pink slime." It's not as if it partcularly dangerous, just unpleasant to have to sound. Take a look at these pages and see if that's your problem: http://www.gordonavenuepoolcentre.com.au/WaterChemistry/Handover http://www.parpool-spa.com/Page/Help/Pool/Pink_Slime.html / ALGAE.HTM http: / / www.kingtechnology.com / InfoStation / challenges.htm http://www.hydrotechpoolproducts.com/ troubleshoot.html Good luck!

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