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CCNA Exam Update. Please HELP?


I am appearing for my CCNA exam on 21st. I read somewhere in a forum that whenever the Pearson VUE sites goes under maintenance, new questions are added to the CCNA pool. Currently Pearson VUE site is under maintenance. Is the information of the forum true?

Can anyone also tell me if the test engine of cisco is web based which is operated the Pearson VUE or is it a kind of desktop application or something else?

Please answer ASAP.

Thank in Advance

Pearson VUE offers innovative computer-based testing solutions through secure, electronic test delivery. Pearson VUE provides licensure and certification. It is myth that site goes under maintenance n bla bla. CCNA questions are different every time exam. so its better don’t think about it n prepare for ur exam.

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Inground Pool Maintenance Questions

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DTE Sand Filter Pool Maintenance Question?

I have a inground pool (15000 gallons) with a DTE Sand Filter. It seems like all pool places contradict each other.
1) Should I add the dte powder to the skimmer as I’m backflushing or vise versa? I know the sacks go inside out when you back-flush. When I added when it’s regularly on, I can see the power all over the pool floor afterwards.

2) Should I leave the pump on for 24 hours? The latest pool store said every time we shout the pump off we should backflush it. I’d rather run it for 12 hours a day, not 24.

1)you should NEVER ad D.E. powder to skimmer while backwashing it would go inside the grids and clog them…you add powder to skimmer with the valve in filter mode

2)I do not know why you need to run pump 24 hours and why you have to backwash filter every time you shut it off unless you have a green pool

you should consider a filter like this much easier: http://www.swimming-pool-information.com/sand-swimming-pool-filters.html

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