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Heat Project Torque

heat project torque
hi,im doin a project on an RC car but i dont kno how to find speed and/or torque.can anyone help please?

hi, my name is Jolene, 20, studing aerospace, im using the RC car to create an electromagnetic braking system. i’ve replaced one of the wheels with a metal disc, and 2 electromagnets on either side attached to an aluminium frame( like this ]- | -[ where the brackets are the aluminium frame, line int he middle is the disc and the minus signs are the magnets). it doesn’t seem to work. the feild produced is way too small.i connected one of the solenoid to a car battery but it only seemed to heat. if anyone has any ideas on wat i can do to make the FIELD produced by the electromagnets to stop the disc from rotating please help. if u can, suggest any formulas and other requirements (i.e. weight of the disk, speed of rotation,etc) to make this work.

That sounds quite tricky, the best way to make a brake for an RC car is not electromagnetics but when the brake is applied, short circuit the motor, the current inducted in the motor tries to force it back the other way, slowing it down, this is how electronic speed controllers work, they do it proportionally to stick position though.

I’d try using a steel disc as opposed to ally, being ferrous, it might work a bit better?

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