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Pool Maintenance Uk

pool maintenance uk
Is it time for tighter control over driving?

In light of the many “ban the cyclist” type of question on here this has made me wonder, is it now time to put more control on driving in the UK?

A list of the downsides affecting driving in the UK:

-We have a situation here in the UK where drivers kill 3000 people a year, maim many thousands more and cause conflict hourly.
-congestion has reached epidemic proportions (Bristol and London traffic suffers terribly during the day)
-pollutants from the exhausts such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and many byproducts of the petrochemical fuels used, and noise pollution from tyres and engines
-motorvehicles are often used to transport just one person – should car pooling be more strongly encouraged?
-they are grossly expensive to run with high maintenance costs
-we are now beleived to have reached well past “peak oil”
-bad drivers are consistantly let off with fines and endanger all

Anyway, is driving now so negative an activity on society that it needs extra control?

Considering that per mile travelled, drivers are about 50% more likely than cyclists to be involved in injuring a pedestrian, and 3.5 times as likely to be involved in killing them.

N.B. This calculation makes no allowance for the fact that (a)drivers accumulate a lot of their mileage on motorways and trunk roads where there are very few pedestrians to injure and (b) a lot of cyclists are children and teenagers.
I would have to say yes. For a start cars should be removed from built up areas due to them being dangerous.

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