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Heat Project Speed

heat project speed
We are trying to create a baby bottle warmer for our project , our main goal is to achieve even heating?

we are trying to create a baby bottle warmer for our project ( biomedical engineering field ) , our main goal is to achieve even heating . we thought of using the vibrators so that it will vibrate and shake the liquid in the bottle and generate an even temp throughout the bottle.

can any one tell me if this is a good idea, and if we plan on using the vibrators,what is the speed of the vibrator we should use and what is another way to measure the temperature to assure even heating of the bottle.

You have to first of all spell out the temperature rise desired ; also spell out the ambient temperature ; next, is it only for 1 bottle or more ? Next, is any power available – if yes, spell out the power mode ; next, what is the nature of the project, is it static or mobile – i.e. do you wish to heat the bottle in motion ?

Without getting any input, a simple solution that comes to my mind is the car battery powered – can also work on mains power with an adapter – portable heater – cum – cooler – one can select the operation with the flick of a switch – , that can achieve a heat of upto 65 deg. C and bring down to cooling of upto 4 deg. C, with digital indication of the box temperature. The heat exchange is achieved electronically, with a fan, which circulates the air inside the box and maintains even temperature throughout

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