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Heat Protection Materials

heat protection materials
About another theory of stoping sun light to slow down global warming ?

Just a theory, what if we use laser light as a light shield making laser give collor creating a protection againts solar heat because laser dont need so much material and its just a light? It is like making a sun glass but made out of laser light?
And laser light can be big enough to cover the entire earth? and again no need of much materials?
Yes afratha solar but let me say it this way do ever use to burn paper by use of a spaesial glass insted we use color light?
The stronger the light the stronger the color cover the earth? Just a theory?
With solar panel no more thousand of el. tower and cable for thousand of km. and that can cost cancer to other people ho live under it?

In the past, when ever we take guesses to solve problems we don’t understand, we only create bigger problems and new problems that didn’t exist before.

There is no need to panic, there is no pending doom. The best cure is fully understanding the actions of the climate. Right now anyone’s predictions is just a guess. A flip of a coin is just as accurate.

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Pool Maintenance Ph Levels

pool maintenance ph levels
5000 gallon pool maintenance?

How do I know how much PH increaser or ph reducer to use on a 5000 gallon pool. to help balance the PH level?

Usually the acid (lowers PH) will not have a chart or anything on the container. You will have to guess. I just use ¼ bottle each day, until the PH is where I want it.

The PH increaser is nothing more than potash, or sodium bicarbonate. You will need to look at the chart. I assume their is ot chart of you would not be asking. I would use the same approach (1/3 of the container per day).

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Pool Maintenance Green Water

pool maintenance green water
What type of filter to install Florida-ground pool in the southwest.?

We recently bought a resale west coast of Florida. We need a new filter installed. We have a DE filter system. We are not here during the humid, hot summer months. Any ideas on the best filter system, sand, Cartridges, etc. We have a cleaning and chemicals in the pool. It is an individual, not a company pool. We have had a pool in the north for 20 years, and have an experience with problems. We have tried various methods have crystal clear water, but it is still green. The filter can be 15 years. old. There are no leaks, if we assume it is the filter. Would the best system know to replace the filter and easier maintenance.

Algae grow when chemicals are low or used and the pH of the water is too high. If the pool is unattended, it can happen within a few weeks or less. Ozone filters are expensive, but the best system for absentee owners. Keep ozone filter the water is crystal clear clean and clear. The water flows through the ozone production capacity. Ozone destroys sediment algae, body oils, clean, etc., and then to the pool and crystal back. No return for hunting or filter elements required. Operating income from current and on the same timer activates the pump can be placed It is virtually maintenance free. Them to recover some costs over the life of the filter not to buy chemicals. Get rid of the DE filter, recent studies show that more U.S. as a carcinogen asbestos.

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