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Best Pool Maintenance Products

best pool maintenance products
I would like to know from pool owners….types, filters, cost?

What type of filter/water do you think is the best and why?

Does any one have or tried a silver ion type?

Maintenance/cost expectations?

Thank you for any and all info. I have read a lot on the net but have found no real answers and am l looking for some one who has actually owned a pool and not just companies selling products. I am very interested in the ionic filter types…but have yet to fine a person who has used one. May you all be blessed.

Silver ion isn’t a filter. It’s a form of sanitizer that’s fallen out of favor. It works moderately well against bacteria but is absolutely useless against other organics like algae. I’d come across a few of these units when I was working as a pool tech and all were used in indoor pools because of the lesser chance of algae contamination in an indoor pool. The flip side is that they produce no discernible odor, which is a bonus for a residential indoor pool. For an outdoor pool? Never seen one with an installed silver ion sanitizer but that’s because algae is more prevalent in an outdoor pool than an indoor one and it would be daft to do.
Maintenance? Checking the electrodes and periodically replacing them. Cost? I didn’t think they even still made those things since salt generators have taken their market niche and even good old fashioned pucks and tabs are still better in an outdoor residential pool than silver ion even with the associated slight chlorine smell they produce when the water is balanced. If you’re after a completely non chlorine solution ( salt generators are still chlorine pools just a lot easier on skin and eyes) you can go Bromine (expensive) or there are also Ozone units but in a heavy organic situation, Ozone can become overwhelmed and is more suited to hot tubs since they have to be periodically drained anyway so no great loss if the water goes south.

Snorkeling 101; great snorkeling and gear maintenance tips from US Divers.

Pool Chemicals Vinyl Pool

pool chemicals vinyl pool
Aqua Chem Pool Chemical Queston?

well about an hour ago i just sanitized my pool with Aqua Chem’s Small Pool Sanitizer (it controlls algea and kills bacteria) it provided clorine to my pool and now my pool is at the correct clorine level

my question is can i shock my pool right now after i have just sanitized it with that stuff. (the Shock is a 4 in one pool shock that came with my Small Pool Sanitizer)?

will it hurt my vinyl pool?

will it cause a chemical reaction?

The shock won’t hurt the pool and will not cause a chemical reaction if added to the added soon after the sanitizer is used. However, you should wait a couple of hours before testing the water to give the sanitizer time to dissolve. If the free available chlorine residual is below 1.0 ppm, you will need to treat your pool with Shock according to label directions otherwise you don’t need to shock it yet unless you have an algae problem. If the chlorine level is over 3 ppm then you will need to wait until it drops before using the pool.

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