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Pool Maintenance Vacuuming

pool maintenance vacuuming
Cloudy pool water solution? not the usual?

Alright so I have an in ground, well water, decently large pool, not sure how old, but we used it last summer without problems. We opened it up about two weeks ago, and did the usual maintenance to get it started up again (adjusting pH, adding the proper amount of chlorine, adding the right amount of shock, vacuuming the bottom, filtering the water, clarifying the water, etc) and the water is now blue, but is very cloudy. It’s very thoroughly vacuumed, filtered, and chemically balanced. So we replaced the sand in the filter, still cloudy. So we asked a friend for advice and he suggested to add ten pounds of super shock, let it circulate for a couple hours, then shut the motor off and once everything settles vacuum the bottom. We did that, still cloudy. We’re at a loss, and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Jacuzzi Maintenance : Vacuum a Jacuzzi: Part 2

Pool Maintenance Man

pool maintenance man
Ladies I need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dating Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Ok I work at a pool and there is this lifegaurd (I’m not a lifegaurd, I’m a maintenance man.) Well everytime she catches my eye she gives me this little grin. I have talked to her a couple of times durning break, but I want to get to know her more. should I ask her If she wants to do something after work, or is it to early?

ild ask her out it couldnt hurt dont make it seem like a ‘date ‘ just say hey if you arent doin any thing after wrk you wanna go catch a movie or ask her if she wants to go out for like a burger or something i know it sounds old school but hey it couldnt hurt even if she has a boyfriend it is just among friends and if u dont know if she is involved with anyone you could ask before hand but make it sound like a joke so u dont sound worried say some thing like ‘now i dont have to worry about your boyfriend pounding me for stealing you for the afternoon do i?’ and laugh..hope it helps