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Hair Heat Protector Product

hair heat protector product
i need a good heat protector for my hair?

i have never in my life used a heat protector for my hair and ive been styling my hair with hot rolloers flat irons and curl irons the ones i have bought in the past were way to sticky for my ahir and actually made my hair look awful NOW my hair is all damaged from that and also for so much product i used to put on my hair im trying to get it back to being healthy. is there a good i mean really good heat protector that smells really good and does its job and wont leave my hair sticky or look like i added product to my hair i wnat it to also make my hair look and feel silky. like i dodnt add anything to my hair.
is nexxus heat protector any good i know it smells wonderful but never tried it.

Perfect! Nexxus is really good, and you can’t go wrong using it, but if you’re looking for something a bit cheaper (actually im not a 100% sure it is but anyway…) Pantene Pro-V has a really good one which I’ve been using for about a year now. : )

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