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Heat Pro Pool Heaters

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What is the best way to heat a pool?

I have a pool that unfortunately, is in the shade for the majority of the day, so it doesn’t get that warm. I am looking at a pool heater, a solar cover or solar panels, but am unsure which one would be worth the investment. What are the pros and cons of these different heating options? I’d rather find out what I’m getting into before I go and make the investment!

a solar cover won’t do you much good if your not getting a fare amount of sun….i had a hot tub and 27 by 4 foot deep swimming pool….used the hot tub heater….worked out well….cost about $50.00 per month but that was a while ago….should be about $100.00 per month now….it was worth it.

Winter Cover on Ruud Electric Pool Heat Pump

Saltwater Pool Maintenance Tips

saltwater pool maintenance tips
Maintenance on saltwater pools?

We are thinking of putting in a salt water pool. Can anyone (who already has salt water system) give us some general tips for maintenance / cleaning ? We are living in southern Ontario. Thanks!

Salt water pools are great and no self cleaning chemicals needed just add salt when your reading is in the range 2800-3000 and keep it in the 3000-3200 range and add stabilizer about every 3 months (2 cups is fine) Good luck

Salt Water Pool Secrets pt 1