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Heat Protectant Serums

heat protectant serums
What good shampoo relief against the heat of vaporization / i / serum can be used for?

I tried to use the herbal essence "Attractive right", and it works fine, but I want to try something else (it works anyway) XD. I also need a good heat protection spray, use I TRESemme. So what's better, a heat protective serum or spray? : S Can anyone recommend a good spray gel to style (because after a few hours my Hair D:) I keep living in the United Kingdom. So do not say Target Stores and Wal-Mart or other you have here in America lol: P Thanks!

try ghd products. I love them, if you buy line, it would reduce problems or go boots

Silky Straight Hair! Andis Ceramic and Olive Oil Heat Protectant Serum Combo