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Sprained wrist or a question?

2 weeks ago I was snowboarding and fell on my wrist and immediately began to swell without protection. I was very far away, so I kept on snowboarding for the rest of the day. I did not take my glove because it was painful to move yet. When I got home, I went to Bathroom because I thought it might help, but it has not. I then put on ice for 15 minutes. I then left for a while, and I was proposed to apply the heat of the. I used to have on the human heat pressed again, but it makes my wound flush red color. I took a half day the next day but again on the slopes for lunch. Now two weeks later, the connection between hand and arm is still swollen and my arm is broken. Its still painful letter and Tap and more everyday things. there is nothing to reduce the swelling or pain? I should see a doctor? Could it be broken? Ive, the symptoms of this page: http://www.handuniversity.com/topics.asp?Topic_ID=30

If you move, it is not broken. If you think it's a sprain, it is a really bad Sprain. Get a wrist brace, you can use really do not or will not be better! Trust me. You have to take it easy, it will be worth it. As The mine was crushed, Pushing my finger badly Knuckle Up. I could not open a bottle of normal, because my hand hurts. I could not for a hand to all to push. Try to see if it really is just a sprain. But it does not sound good. Consult a physician can be a good idea. But try to take it easy on the first.

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