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Heat Protection Hair Spray

heat protection hair spray
Where can I find the best heat protection spray for hair?

Any recommendations? I straigthen my hair a lot and I would like to use a product to protect my hair from heat damage. Does anyone use any, which works the best?

Marc Anthony products are amazing. If you use the shampoos and conditioners, as well as the heat protection sprays/mousses, it’ll do wonders for your hair.

Got2B products are also really good, and they’re less expensive than Marc Anthony.

Revlon also sells some pretty good products.

You can get these products basically anywhere.

Battle Of The Heat Protection Sprays (high end VS drugstore)

Heat Protection Hair Sprays

heat protection hair sprays
Does anyone have recommendations for a thermal protection spray for hair?

I set my hair a lot and I'm afraid going to be dry.

I use loreal Hotline hot right now, "it comes in a pink bottle, but it's like a gel and straighten your hair BEFORE. I set my hair a lot and I get compliments all the time because my hair is so soft. and brilliant

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