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Heat Protection Spray Tresemme

heat protection spray tresemme
Which heat protection spray should I get?

I am planning on getting a sedu flat iron so i want to know whats the best hair heat protection to use with it. right now, i am debating between the chi iron guard and the sedu smoothing heat protecting boost. which one is better? i have also tried tresemme’s heat tamer spray and that didn’t work that well for me…

wooot for sedus ! 🙂

i just bought mine a few weeks ago & i bought the sedu smoothing heat protecting boost with it – like honestly, it really works ! you should really get that one.

my mom has a chi, and she has the chi heat one.

they’re both good, but i find that the sedu’s protector protects my hair better, and smells better too 🙂
it’s worth the price, get it for sure !

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