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Citizens Oil Heat Program

citizens oil heat program
What is so bad about Hugo Chavez? I know he won’t let USA companies use his people as slave labor and that is?

why the cons have been brainwashed to hate him. But other than that I don’t see him as a bad guy at all. He uses all his countries oil money on the citizens of Venezuela and they all have access to grade A health care and excellent schools and college. None of that is paid for by taxes. Also he has a discount oil program in the countries he sales oil to ( like America ) where any one who makes under a certain amount gets a discount on heating oil, and of course everyone in his country gets free heating oil and unlike in America nobody has to go to bed cold at night in Venezuela

1. Chavez thinks the US hit Haiti with an earthquake weapon.
2.He has put all but the state controlled media out of business.
3. He has instituted price controls on food causing shortages and hoarding.
4. Caracas had the world’s highest murder rate this year.
5. He has his political foes arrested.

And there’s more

oh, and Venezuelans probably don’t use much heating oil, it’s near the equator.

Foreign Aid for America – Chavez Sponsors Heating Oil for Poor US Citizens

Heat Protection Spray Reviews

heat protection spray reviews
Remington Wet2Straight bit burnt hair?

I was so excited and have a lot of research on these rectifiers. My hair was wet and I was really excited to use them .. ssssss normal noise, then I went to smell my hair and was mortified! Dry and burned – Major curl and break, when I touch it. Too much anxiety in order to use them again. Seems to not happen to someone else – in the opinion I have read! Also, I use a heat protection spray. Really sorry, I was so happy to have received this. My hair condition is pourous is acceptable to the dying, but otherwise the state. As I said, I read the reviews before I bought. If you are the answer, look at my first question. I have already said, it was damp but not wet.

Read before you buy Reveiws

Heat Protection Spray – Review

Heat Protection Hair Spray

heat protection hair spray
Where can I find the best heat protection spray for hair?

Any recommendations? I straigthen my hair a lot and I would like to use a product to protect my hair from heat damage. Does anyone use any, which works the best?

Marc Anthony products are amazing. If you use the shampoos and conditioners, as well as the heat protection sprays/mousses, it’ll do wonders for your hair.

Got2B products are also really good, and they’re less expensive than Marc Anthony.

Revlon also sells some pretty good products.

You can get these products basically anywhere.

Battle Of The Heat Protection Sprays (high end VS drugstore)

Heat Pro Heaters

heat pro heaters
Clean water line broke flooding dirt crawl space. Water pumped out. Next?

Live in a rural area east of Reno, NV, and no “pros” around. Currently using only a very large fan; weather is expected to remain cold. Should I get construction heater? I was afraid of encouraging mold with heat. Affected surface area approx 2000 sq. ft. Would appreciate some advice.

1st of all, lets not worry about encouraging mold with heat, that’s not how it works. Two things cause mold: wet and the mold having “food”. For example, if the crawlspace is clean, with no garbage or construction debris, you really don’t have to worry about mold except on any surfaces that mold forms on; wood, drywall etc. Mold will form within 72 hrs of a surface getting wet, but if there is nothing for it to eat, then it will go dormant once it dries. As long as it stays dry, no problem, if it gets wet again, mold will come back. The fan should work fine, just the airflow will dry. Make sure the fan is on a safe circuit, so that you can leave it on all the time. Once dry, you can spray any affected surfaces with bleach, (wear a mask), just to be sure. If you still have questions, email me.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters-HGTV Pro

Heat Protection

heat protection
Est-ce normal si la vapeur vient de mes cheveux quand je utiliser un spray de protection thermique avant que je le redresser?

J'ai été en utilisant un spray de protection thermique récents à cause de mon endommagé cheveux. Mais, lorsque le produit i elle que de renforcer la vapeur / fumées sort est-ce normal ou dois-je obtenir une pulvérisation différentes?

Il est parfaitement normal, cela signifie juste que le redresseur est en contact avec le spray. La protection contre la chaleur fait son travail et créant une barrière entre vos cheveux et le lisseur. Pas de soucis. Je ne vous inquiétez pas si vous n'avez pas utilisé un protecteur et vous remarqué de la fumée crachent de vos cheveux-qui ne serait pas bon

Space Shuttle Heat Protection – Last Flight of Spaceshuttle Columbia – BBC

Heat Protection Materials

heat protection materials
About another theory of stoping sun light to slow down global warming ?

Just a theory, what if we use laser light as a light shield making laser give collor creating a protection againts solar heat because laser dont need so much material and its just a light? It is like making a sun glass but made out of laser light?
And laser light can be big enough to cover the entire earth? and again no need of much materials?
Yes afratha solar but let me say it this way do ever use to burn paper by use of a spaesial glass insted we use color light?
The stronger the light the stronger the color cover the earth? Just a theory?
With solar panel no more thousand of el. tower and cable for thousand of km. and that can cost cancer to other people ho live under it?

In the past, when ever we take guesses to solve problems we don’t understand, we only create bigger problems and new problems that didn’t exist before.

There is no need to panic, there is no pending doom. The best cure is fully understanding the actions of the climate. Right now anyone’s predictions is just a guess. A flip of a coin is just as accurate.

Space Shuttle Thermal Protection System (TPS) Tile

Heat Protectant

heat protectant
Was ist die beste Wärme Schutzmittel für mein Haar?

Ich habe dickes, welliges Haar, das ist wirklich schwer zu glätten und das Haar Split / abzubrennen wirklich leicht. Was ist eine gute Wärme Schutzmittel, und gibt es irgendwelche Tipps gibt, wie es zu benutzen (Sollte ich viel oder wenig, "sollte ich warten bis nach dem Spritzen glätten, etc.)?

Verwenden TRESemmé die Hitze Thermal Spray. Es riecht wirklich gut, und es kommt in eine ziemlich große rote Schorle Flasche. Es ist alles sehr billig und es funktioniert ziemlich gut. Es machte mir die Haare wirklich seidig innerhalb einer Woche. Außerdem verwenden Spa Shampoo und Spülung, und sobald man aus der Dusche, versuchen mit Hilfe eines de-Frizz Serum wie Frizz Eaze Gold Chi. Es wird Ihr Haar glatt und geschmeidig Ohne poofiness.

Let’s Talk Heat Protectants-Part 1

Heat Pro Gun

heat pro gun
Have you used Academys Monarch .223 ammo recently?

Hi….I have a .223(5.56) AK 47 and I usually use the 5.56 Winchester ammo from Bass Pro. I bought some Monarch Remington .223 ammo, they have a greenish color, from Academy yesterday and it seems to work fine, but I heard the coating on the bullets are bad for your gun when it heats up. Just want to hear from some people who’ve used it recently.

Coating? Are you talking about the copper jacket? If so that is good for your barrel. Reduces the leading. Any other coating you can just wipe off.

Not sure about the .223s but I and others I know have shot several calibers of Monarchs and for such a cheap brand the results were surprisingly good. 30.06 grouping sometimes as tight as a dime, 30/30 grouping is good, .45 no jams good groupings. .44 solid performance. They do seem to burn dirtier than some brands so clean up is a little longer. Other than that I have no complaints about them. Good target practice ammo. I wouldn’t use it for hunting and there are better brands for self defense.

The one brand I would not recommend is Winchester. Duds and jams on autos in multiple calibers. Enough of them that I personally will not buy Winchester ammo any time soon.

Adidas Samba and Saucony Pro-Grid Rides meet the Heat Gun!

Laptop Heat Protector

laptop heat protector
I feel this burning and painful sensation whenever I feel the urge to urinate or when I am urinating..?

What might be the problem? What should I do.. Help! It had made me sleepless because the pain isn’t that bearable. I thought it might be because I am gradually using my laptop while lying in bed for hours. You know, the heat of it penetrating as I don’t really have much protector except for a piece oh thick cloth or something. Anyways, is it unhealthy doing so?What risks could it pose?? Need help. Badly.

It could be a urinary tract infection, or some other infection. You should tell your doctor about it. You can also try buying AZO Standard for discomfort, but ultimately you will need antibiotics if it is an infection.

how to keep your laptop running cool without cooling pad