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Citizens Oil Heat Program

citizens oil heat program
What is so bad about Hugo Chavez? I know he won’t let USA companies use his people as slave labor and that is?

why the cons have been brainwashed to hate him. But other than that I don’t see him as a bad guy at all. He uses all his countries oil money on the citizens of Venezuela and they all have access to grade A health care and excellent schools and college. None of that is paid for by taxes. Also he has a discount oil program in the countries he sales oil to ( like America ) where any one who makes under a certain amount gets a discount on heating oil, and of course everyone in his country gets free heating oil and unlike in America nobody has to go to bed cold at night in Venezuela

1. Chavez thinks the US hit Haiti with an earthquake weapon.
2.He has put all but the state controlled media out of business.
3. He has instituted price controls on food causing shortages and hoarding.
4. Caracas had the world’s highest murder rate this year.
5. He has his political foes arrested.

And there’s more

oh, and Venezuelans probably don’t use much heating oil, it’s near the equator.

Foreign Aid for America – Chavez Sponsors Heating Oil for Poor US Citizens

Heat Protection Spray Reviews

heat protection spray reviews
Remington Wet2Straight bit burnt hair?

I was so excited and have a lot of research on these rectifiers. My hair was wet and I was really excited to use them .. ssssss normal noise, then I went to smell my hair and was mortified! Dry and burned – Major curl and break, when I touch it. Too much anxiety in order to use them again. Seems to not happen to someone else – in the opinion I have read! Also, I use a heat protection spray. Really sorry, I was so happy to have received this. My hair condition is pourous is acceptable to the dying, but otherwise the state. As I said, I read the reviews before I bought. If you are the answer, look at my first question. I have already said, it was damp but not wet.

Read before you buy Reveiws

Heat Protection Spray – Review