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Homemade Heat Protectant

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Do things that do good, extra virgin olive oil for the hair? What are good ways to use it on my hair?

After I finished I think my protein conditioner with olive oil as a hot oil treatment before shampooing my hair, I of course, strengthens the hair. I also think a Mixture of aloe vera gel, glycerin, olive oil and my house, leave-in conditioner. What do you think? Hopefully in a few months, the commercial products that I will use my Shampoo and protection against heat.

I used olive oil on my hair very stressed, such as air conditioning and it worked wonders. He gave me a glare, manageability and power, was produced. I do not know have to make it as a hot oil treatment. I highly recommend. Good luck!

All-Natural Heat Protectant???

Homemade Heat Protectant Spray

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help me please with some advice for this new haircut????????

i am going for this new hair cut this summer and when i go back to school i have to blow dry it and straighten it, so it looks nice . i have these heat protectant spray and stuff, but i don’t want my hair to get damaged. so do i wash my hair every day or what. please some advice on how to protect your hair from getting damaged and some homemade masques. thank you so much:)

You shud wash your hair three times a week and if you blowdry it on a cold setting theres no heat so no heat dammage and you can still blowdry iht alothough it takes longer and when straightening iht aslong as you spray on the protectand spray everytime you straighten iht and only straighten iht once a day you should have very minimal heat damage although you may get split ends mayonaise is a good mask for the end of your hair 🙂 x

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