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Pool Chemicals Home Depot

pool chemicals home depot
Can I use Pavestone Pool Filter Sand for my aquarium?

I went to the Home Depot, and got a 50 pound (well I think its 50 pounds) of Pool Filter Sand for my fresh water aquarium (55 gallon), about 5.88 bucks. Its Pavestone brand. And the bag pretty much says nothing of useful info.
It just says “Pavestone Pool Filter Sand” and something about being great for pool Filters, and that its .5 Cu. Ft. What does that mean??
It does not state if it contains chemicals or if its silica or that other one. Has any one tried this brand of Pool Filter Sand for their aquarium? ANd Is it 50 punds??
I just started washing this stuff, and the grains look crystal-ish, with some specs of brown and black, but when I started the wash, the water turned brownish and the sand looks brownish, I thought Pool Filter sand was supposed to look white? Since I been looking for pics about it online, most of it looks white, mine is brownish? Is this sand OK?

As far as I know, Pavestone Pool filter sand is mostly silica.
Being great for pool filters means, well, that you can use it in a swimming pool filter.

.5 cu. ft. means the bag contains one-half cubic foot of sand. A cubic foot is a unit of volume that is one foot wide, one foot long, and one foot high. A cubic foot of sand would fill a box that size. .5 cubic foot of sand would fill a container with inside measurements one foot wide, one foot long, and one-half foot (six inches) high. One cubic foot is about 28.3 liters, or 29.9 quarts, so .5 cubic foot is about 14.15 liters, or 14.95 quarts.

I would expect .5 cu. ft. of sand to weigh something more than 50 pounds, but it depends on the kind of sand, and in any case, .5 cu. ft. is a measurement of volume, not weight, so the weight might vary a little from one sack to the next.

Pool Filter Sand is generally safe to use in an aquarium, but it is not the best substrate in my opinion, mostly because it is too fine for most aquarium purposes. It will tend to compact in the aquarium, trapping organic wastes that then decompose into toxic gases. It also will go up the siphon hose if you try to vacuum the bottom of the tank.

Edit: Lots of sand looks more or less white when it is dry, but brown or tan when it is wet. This is true, for example, of the beaches near me in Texas (which might even be where Pavestone gets its sand). I don’t think the color is anything to be concerned about, unless your design for your tank requires white sand, in which case you need a different kind of sand. What is important, in the washing phase, is to get out all the dirt and fine dust that the sand may contain.

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Pool Chemicals Instructions

pool chemicals instructions
simple pool maintenance?

i just bought an aboveground 18′ x 4′ pool…..i got a startup kit and read the instructions and put the chemicals in…….from here on it seems like its gonna be a lot of confusing work…can anyone simplify all of this?…i am using a chlorine system….what chem.s will i need?

Well, for my swimming pool, we use a Chlorine floater. It is a Blue thing that floats around the pool. You fill it up with chlorine tablets, and check/ refill it about once a week. Pools aren’t really that hard.
Just check the skimmer every few days, and clean out the collection basket.
There is also a thing called a PH tester. It calculates your chemicals, and tells you when to put more or less in. This really simplifies thing.
You may want to purchase a vaccum to keep it clean, those usually come with directions.

GOOD LUCK!!!!! with your pool, and have fun this summer!

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Pool Maintenance Forum

pool maintenance forum
Living in France?


I have just booked an appointment with the Chambre de Metier in Villeneuve, then joined this forum and found that everyone is talking about the Chambre de Commerce as a starting point. Please can anyone help point me in the right direction?

I am in the “Lot et Garonne” (47), bordering the “Dordogne” (24) and “Lot” (46) regions and am hoping to start a “Micro Enterprise”, looking after Gites, pool maintenance, lawn mowing, repair work, paving etc. I have a builders trailer, so can collect/dispose of large items.

Generally speaking if you are only going to do light repairs/maintenance work you may only need to register with the Chambre de Commerce. If you wish to carry out a professional trade such as builder, electrician, plumber etc. then you would definitely need to register with the Chambre de Metiers and will also need to take out Decenal insurance which guarantees your work for a minimum of 10 years.

The stinging point will be the Cotisations & taxes that you’ll have to pay, they can be very high and have to be paid as soon as you’ve registered regardless of whether you’re earning or not – France isn’t really in to small businesses unfortunately so it’s best to first visit a French accountant who will be able to advise you as to which is the best tax regime for you i.e. Micro Enterprise or Real.
Good luck


Pool Maintenance Bleach

pool maintenance bleach
Care and maintenance for 211 gallons pool?

with a very difficult time. Whether it 3 full times. The first time he got green algae (stringy in) in it. The second time the water is green, when I finished and added bleach. (I was told by a friend 1 cup) 3 Just imagine a little green on the ground, but the water is very clear. I have a black plastic cover it. He is 6 'x 15' Sand and Sun Pool snapsets PVC and vinyl. 211 gallons. Thank you!

for somethng that small, maybe a little hydrogen peroxide solution 25% and a spa kit RX (copper / zinc) ..

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Pool Chemicals Retail

pool chemicals retail
Pool idiots?

I work in a pool retail store, and I would like to know the average IQ of a customer that walks in and doesn’t know the size or even what chemicals they use in their pool, Baquacil or Chlorine?

Come on man! You`re the one behind the counter, was`nt being psychic a prerequisite when you got hired?
My grind is while doing an install(doors or windows), some old fart will always come from next door and ask that oh so obvious question: ” Ya puttin` in new doors?”
Where`s Bill Engaval when you need him????

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Swimming Pool Maintenance Instructions

swimming pool maintenance instructions
Are there online instructions for swimming pool maintenance?

I use an Aqualux system. For the last three years I have done nothing but keep the pH level balanced. Very easy.


(From the site)
Finally a few tips for effective pool care:

Dust, leaves and debris blown in by the wind quickly spoil the look of a pool, while the suntan oils, make-up, sweat from the constant use of swimmers escaping the heat, also mar the purity of the water.

Firstly, clean all the leaves and debris out of the leaf traps both in the weir and the sludge trap, because if water cannot flow to the filter, it cannot be filtered.

Do a good backwash. To get the filter reasonably clean one must backwash for at least 3 minutes followed by a 1 minute rinse. If backwash was not done for a couple of weeks, repeat this process twice.

The next step is to carry out the necessary water tests and correct pH if necessary. It is important to remember that correctly balanced water creates an unfavourable environment for bacteria to grow in.

Next, water level. The water level of the pool should be checked regularly. Dirt and leaves will not skim off into the weir if the level is not correct. If the water level sinks more rapidly than experienced with normal evaporation the pool floor and walls should be checked for cracks.

If an automatic pool cleaner is used it should not run continuously. It is just a water vacuum cleaner and therefore should only be used when the floor and the walls of the pool are dirty. The top 25cm (approx. 10 inches) of water is the area where bacteria flourishes and this water will not be filtered if the
cleaner is continuously in use.

Leaves and debris, not skimmed automatically because the pool cleaner is in constant use, become waterlogged and drop to the floor of the pool. Most pool cleaners have a pulverising action and when the debris is sucked up it becomes a sludge which dirties the filter sand much more quickly.

It is essential to run the filter for at least eight hours every day.

With an automatic pool cleaner this should be increased to twelve hours because of the restricted water flow through the pool cleaner and hoses.

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Pool Chemicals Information

pool chemicals information
Multiple-choice … 10 points?

The following information niche grasshopper be lower, in the description of one, but not in a description his living room) continent, where he lives b) biome c) biotic d) carbon source How long food chains? a) four long steps b) three long steps c) depends on the length of day dependent) varies with the ecosystem, the position would more than likely autotrophic keep derive their energy from chemical compounds? a) bottom sediments b) pools Antarctic c) the surface of the meadows) of desert rocks Thank you!

1-c 2-d not safe 3

How to Use Pool Chemicals to Correct Swimming Pool Problems