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Pool Maintenance

pool maintenance
What maintenance is required if I do NOT open my Anthony gunnite 25,000 gal pool? Can it harm the pool?

Due to illness in the family, I am not able to open my inground pool this summer in Northern New Jersey. Is there anything I should do for maintenance? Can it damage the pool by not opening and circulating the water?

I used to work for the only Anthony dealer here in southern Ontario, so I reckon I can help.
If the pool was closed correctly and equipment winterized properly , it’ll be fine. There are only 2 things to consider. What type of winter cover if any and the water underneath it.
If the cover is a poly tarp and water bag, just make sure all the bags are ok. Drain off as much water as you can from the top of the cover, as well as remove debris, if possible. The water is the bigger issue of the two. If the level gets up to your tile line before freeze over, it may crack some tiles. Check the water under the cover for Cl content. If it’s 0 then add a shock and re cover.
If the cover is what we call a “safety cover”, like a trampoline, then just do a pump out down to the returns again. Keeping the water clear in this case is difficult. It will likely go green, if it hasn’t already. Safety covers are porous and let a lot of stuff in. You best bet, is liquid chlorine a few times this summer, followed by a dose right at ice in. Break a hole in the ice if you have to. The results in spring will be worth it.
The Marbalite finnish won’t get hurt any more than in a normal operating cycle with the exception of the steps where you may notice more spider webbing (hairline cracks) or spalding (coin sized wafers of marbalite disloged). Normal, it will happen eventually in any Marbalite pool that has to be drained for winterizing. Californians and Floridians are lucky in that respect.
The pool walls may become more stained than usual, but that’s going to be two winters of staining, and to be expected. It WILL come clean next spring, just a little more work.
Hope all this helps. I miss working on Anthony DE filters, they are, in my opinion the best out there. Unfortunately the Dealer I worked for, went under, there are only 3 guys in Ontario left that know the pools or the systems and we rarely get to see one anymore. Most have been retrofitted with Hayward or worse junk.

Swimming Pool Chemicals Alkalinity

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Does the ph and alkalinity of pool water affect the quality and feel of it?

I add a lot of chemicals to my pool every year, why do I do this anyway? Why can I just swim? I mean, the water looks fine when I take the tarp off every year.

There’s a simple answer for that.

As you should know, pH is how Acidic or Basic a substance is. A neutral substance has a pH of 7 (6-8.5 is an appoximate reccommendation on good swimming pool pH). Let the pH get too low or high and it will start irritating your skin or eyes. You can easily test your pH by buying Multi-Test strips from Wal-Mart in the pool supply aisle.

The Pool Prodigy – Overview

Pool Chemicals Warehouse

pool chemicals warehouse
I’m 5 weeks pregnant and work in a warehouse that sells cleaning chemicals, is this dangerous for me?

we sell all kinds of cleaning chemicals including bleach, washing powder, pool chemicals and other industrial strength cleaners to the hotel industry. The containers are generally closed but we do have leakages of powders etc.

Chemicals can be particularly hazardous for pregnant workers. The Management
of Health and Safety at Work Regulations l999 place special duties on an employer
to carry out risk assessments in relation to women workers of childbearing age.

You should be wearing some sort of mask to avoid inhaling the fumes and wearing. gloves. Remember, that biohazard chemicals can cause miscarriages and or
birth defects.

Most of these chemicals contain the following: organic solvents used in dry cleaning can pass through the placenta. Perchloroethylene (perc), a commonly used dry cleaning fluid, has also been associated with fertility problems in men. Tetrachloroethylene is another solvent sometimes used in commercial dry-cleaning operations; several studies have found an association between inhalation of tetrachloroethylene and an increased risk of miscarriage and infertility.

Other pregnant women who are exposed to organic solvents while at work may also place their developing baby at a greater risk of birth defects, especially during the FIRST trimester( which you are in a developing fetus) . Women studied in connection with organic solvent exposure included laboratory technicians, factory workers, professional artists, chemists and veterinary technicians. The organic solvents they were most commonly exposed to included aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols, xylene and vinyl chloride.

If pregnant, you would be wise to minimize your exposure to organic solvents at work, and ask your employer to change your job for the duration or carry out a risk assessment at your workplace.

Swimming Pool Accessories

Jandy Pool Products

jandy pool products
can I connect my pool pump to a solar panel?

what size would the panel be/ I live in the caribbean so plenty of sun!
i only have one heater
what size would the panel be/ I live in the caribbean so plenty of sun!
i only have one heater which is deatailed with the above link in case anyone can help with the spec!

I don’t need to tell you that electricity is extremely expensive in the Caribbean, and the sun is plentiful, so solar may be a cost effective solution for you. I have several customers in the islands who have solar pool pumping and solar pool heating.

You have a couple of options. If you already have a pump, you could find out how many watt hours (wh) it uses a day. To do that, figure out how many watts the pump uses, and how many hours a day it is on. Watts times hours equals watt hours, and that is how the electric companies charge us, how many wh, or kwh (thousand watt hours) a month. (1 horsepower is equal to about 750W, running for 6 hours would be 3900 wh, or 3.9kwh). Once you know how much power your pump uses, you can install enough solar panels and an inverter to generate that amount of power, thus offsetting what it uses.

Another option is to replace your existing pump with a more efficient solar powered pool pump. It would only run when the sun is shining, but that’s pretty much when your existing pump runs too. Depending on the size of your pool, the whole package with pump and solar panels is about $5000. Do the math to see how much you are paying for electricity now, and see if it is worth it. http://www.altestore.com/store/Solar-Pool-Heaters-and-Pumps/Solar-Pool-Pumps/Lorentz-Solar-Pool-Pump-with-PS600-Controller/p5827/

Your question also said you are using a heater. You can reduce or eliminate that need with solar pool heating. The pump pumps the water from the pool through the collectors, generally installed on your roof, and then back into the pool. The sun heats the water as it is traveling along your roof, just like leaving a hose out in the sun. You size the system based on the square feet of pool area. http://www.altestore.com/store/Solar-Pool-Heaters-and-Pumps/Unglazed-Solar-Pool-Heating/Guardian-Solar-Pool-Heating/Leveredge-Guardian-Pool-Heating-Package-400-SqFt/p7353/.

Vanishing edge pool comes to life @ night!

Pool Maintenance Book

pool maintenance book
Community Swimming Pool Maintenance ?

Please Can anyone enlighten me, OR suggest a Simple
Good Book , in English to help.Yes, it looks like I’ve been
thrown in at the Deep End , literrally ! Many thanks for any advice

I dont know of any books that you can read but taking care of a pool is not really that complicated, it basically just a matter of keeping the chemicals balanced in the pool and keep the dirt and debris out. I dont know where you’re located but any local pool supply store should be able to give you some pointers. Feel free to ask any ?’s my way, been in the business for about 7yrs

Pool Maintenance

Pool Chemicals Alkalinity

pool chemicals alkalinity
Help with pool chemicals?

Help I am confused:
What is the proper ph level?
If the ph is too low, add ???
If the ph is too high, add ???

What is the proper alkalinity level?
If the alkalinity is too low, add ???
If the alkalinity is too high, add ???

And whatever else you can think might help me.

ph 7.2 to 7.4 will maximize chlorine effectiveness.

To increase pH add soda ash
To decrease pH add muriatic acid

Total Alkalinity, 100-120 trichlor use 120

To increase alkalinity add baking soda
To decrease add muriatic acid.

TA is a buffer for pH, not enough will allow your pH to float with temperature changes.

Do you know chlorine has pH? Most folks don’t, it does and depending on the type you use will raise, lower or hold pH. pH needs to be maintained while superchlorinating. Don’t add chlorine and acid in the same area. Drizzle acid on the surface in the deep end or let chlorine mix for 10 minutes before adding acid.

Get a taylor technologies test kit 2005 for about $100 includes Pool and Spa water chemistry an excellent reference.

Lots of pool supply companies stock it and use the commercial versions. If you know how to do the testing you can watch them do it and screw it up. Honest I have done just that. Use them to verify your test not the other way around.

You’re welcome!!

SwimJim, Inc. Presents – Basic Pool Chemistry