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Pool Products Stores

pool products stores
will i receive a refund from store on a easy set pool after 5days? Please Answer, 10 points!?

Hi all,
loong story cut short, bought easy up pool 3days ago, laid it on level concrete, filled it up and 3/4 full there was water coming out from where the filter hose goes. It took over 2 days to fill, so only noticed the leak when it was filled up alot! I will now begin the process of emptying it out. What should i do next? Will i be entitled to my money back? I do have the receipt and it does say 28 day money back gaureented (on products unused!) but how was i supposed to know this until i had it almost filled! Is the shop under obligation? Thank you so much for your answers on this one! 10 poiints to the best answer!!

They should refund you upon return, but I would ring them, after all they do say 28 days.
It sounds to me like a simple connection problem and there may be an easy fix.

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