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Pool Chemicals Acid

pool chemicals acid
I have alot of black algae on the walls of my pool. What is the easiest and least expensive way to get rid of?

it? chemicals? drain and acid wash? anything else??/

You need to shock it with pool chemicals.

Depending on whether you have vinyl or cement walls, which you didn’t state if you have above or inground, then if you have cement, then you can add a few gallons of bleach.

After a few hours, brush the walls down.
Let it settle.
Vacuum it up and then backwash.

Keep your chemicals in check afterwards.
Add algecide.



Swimming Pool Maintenance Kits

swimming pool maintenance kits
A pool maintenance question!!?? Please help!?

How to lower the Bromine level!!??
I recently moved and the house that we bought has a pool.
I purchased a 6in1 test kit for the chemicals and I’ve got everything pretty cool to the “ok” level. Except for the Bromine, it’s VERY high and I’ve been trying to find out on the internet about how to lower the Bromine level, what do I use to lower it? I can’t seem to find anything other than when the Bromine level is high it will irratate your eyes when swimming, umm yes I agree, now what do I need to do!!!???
Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
I don’t use Bromine. I use 3″ chlorine tabs. That’s what I don’t understand? Why is the Bromine level so high?

I dont understand why you are using bromine. Go to http://appliancequickfix.com/ and read the great page they have on pool water. I think your pool co talked you into using this product because its not popular and you would have to go back to them and still they cant answer your question?