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Natural Hair Heat Protector

natural hair heat protector
What can I do to my hair?

My hair is very dry and thin. It is naturally curly, but it's not a good guy lol. Only one slightly wavy, curly a little effeminate, so I sit a lot. He was so thin and my hair used to be super thick. Even recently, when I straighten my hair straight stick and does not move, so you do not look natural or healthy. I use as a heat shield on my hair, but what can I do? What products or advice can help?

I agree with Erik. If your hair does not work with you, it is better to leave him alone for a while. Let it breathe and recover from all the heat and the product that you took up this. Try using the shampoo natural recovery in the meantime and come back later with us if your hair healthy:))

Natural Hair Heat Protectant