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Pool Maintenance Wa

pool maintenance wa
I have a pool house that abuts the property line?

I have a pool house that abuts the property line and has been in existence for the past 35 years. I live in Burien, WA zoned residential with 5′ interior setbacks. The pool house being inside the interior setback is not in dispute due to its age and ownership changes during its history for our lot and the neighbors lot.

My neighbor is now installing a 6′ fence that abuts a wall of the pool house and completely blocks any access to the siding and a downspout which is a problem should maintenance ever be needed in the future.

Our city code enforcer knows of no zoning restrictions for the City of Burien that could be used to prevent the neighbor from completing the fence but he asked if we knew of any universal building codes that addressed this circumstance. Can you answer that question

You have city; county and state of WI.

No such thing as a universal application here. If the city won’t forbid it, you probably have nothing. Fences are portable as far as easements are concerned. Especially in relation to a setback violation that is grandfathered in.

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Pool Maintenance Schedule

pool maintenance schedule
Quelqu'un peut-il aider avec un calendrier d'entretien de la piscine?

J'ai une piscine en vinyle, 18 x 48, environ 5000 gallons. J'utilise 3 pastilles de chlore "et le choc une fois par semaine. Ma piscine encore s'allume en vert. Je suis passer l'aspirateur au moins deux fois par semaine. Je ne sais pas quand ajouter ou algacide clarificateur, ou si elles peuvent être ajoutées en même temps. Mon horaire est très occupé avec un emploi et 2 enfants. Je voudrait en faire un peu moins de travail. S'il vous plaît aider! PS … si quelqu'un sait comment faire un mari prendre soin de ce qui aiderait aussi!

Avant que quelqu'un se blesse ou vous perdez beaucoup de temps et d'argent à un non-sens, aller directement à http://appliancequickfix.com/ – Ils ont une grande page sur l'entretien de l'eau de la piscine.

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Pool Maintenance Michigan

pool maintenance michigan
Do I have a house with an underground pool?

I am looking for a house and found one I like, but it has an underground pool. I had never a pool, so I do not really know anything about them. How much time and money it costs to maintain? I live in Michigan, with 2 children and city water. Here is what appears: Ground pool (18×36) with diving board, slide, safety concern, fully enclosed, there is more confidence chlorination, filters, timer and vacuum systems for low maintenance! Liner only 2-3 years. What is it? Any help is welcome

There are four questions to consider: safety, cost, time, and reward. First, how old are your Children and they are drinking? The pool is closed you are planning, but no matter, raising small children around a swimming pool requires a commitment to vigilance on your part. It takes a few moments to drown a child. Second, the higher costs of running overnight in a pool heater is that you do not mention. Solar water heaters are expensive, but you are in as many months of the year, you can use the swimming pool is limited. Electric and gas are to be used much more expensive. Find out what type you have and how old he is. Other ongoing costs will be in the water (hold down the pool is filled), chemistry (it keeps the pH neutral or pool filled with algae), and maintenance the equipment. Pool equipment does not last long and is expensive. For example, running as a replacement for the automatic vacuum would about $ 1000. All costs are dependent from the current pool size is, how warm you want to keep and what your electricity / gas prices are. Ask a neighbor (potential) for an estimate, which Cost them their reserves are running. Third, it takes time and effort to maintain a pool in good condition. Rental of a regular service for the maintenance can Costs up to $ 150 per month. Fourth, other considerations aside a pool with a hell of a lot of fun. It is a good way to keep your family and your Children are actively playing video games non-stop all summer. Good luck in your new home.

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Pool Maintenance Classes

pool maintenance classes
Making up a “useful” contraption? [TEN points!]?

Well, I’m here sitting in class, and we have an assignment to make up some sort of contraption to help us in the future.
Can anyone please help me?
I cannot think of ONE thing..
The person next to me’s idea was “The Easy Pool”.
So, I need something like that.
Some object requiring no maintenance, it’s automatic, etc.

ten points for the best answerer.
Sorry if this is in the wrong section. D:

A self-contained pen, or self-contained eyeglasses, that do everything an iPhone does, PLUS 2-way video, plus protection monitoring your home.


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Pool Maintenance Person

pool maintenance person
As a landlord, what should i be doing here?!?!?

I rented out a house i own to 3 people a couple and their friend. now the friend wants to back out of their year long lease(it has only been 3 months) this third person as always paid thier rent late. she is stating a list of things that are lies. ie, the house was unsanitary when she moved, my possesions were still in the house when she moved in( meaning the dinner table and patio furniture, which i asked them if they wanted and they said they did) and that the pool maintenance was not be provided(which it is) what should i do in this position. should i sue her? i live in orlando, fl if there is anyone out there who knows flordia’s legal system. THANX!!! enjoy the 10 points, whoever gives me some much needed good advice!

Ideally, you will have documented the state of the house prior to renting it (e.g. photos). This is always a good idea, for the protection of both the landlord and the tenant.

It sounds as though only the third person wants out of the lease.
Have you spoken to the couple? Do they want to stay? Will they be able to afford the rent without a third roommate? If all three
of the people signed the lease, they are generally ‘jointly and severally liable’, meaning that you can legally go after one or all three of them for rent.

There’s a very good chance that Orlando has a local landlord/tenant’s council (most major cities do). Before you contemplate legal action (which may be expensive, time-consuming, and fruitless) I’d suggest contacting them for assistance.

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