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Pool Maintenance New Jersey

pool maintenance new jersey
Pool maintenance – 08077?

Hey all!!! So I have a quick question, hopefully someone out there in Cinnaminson, New Jersey is reading and can help me! My husband and I are looking to purchase a house in Cinnaminson. There is a 40,000 gallon inground pool in the yard. My question is this: what do you spend (roughly) with maintenance, including increase in electric bill, water bill, etc. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Well our pool is smaller about 20,000 gal. but we spend about $300 a year on chemicals.

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Pool Maintenance San Diego

pool maintenance san diego
What are some nice apartment/condos in San Diego?

Can anyone tell me what some nice apartment or condo complexes are in San Diego? By “nice” I mean clean, quite, safe, appliances work, maintenance is good etc… I am looking at the La Jolla and Pacific Beach area. I wouldnt mind living in a community with a pool and spa and fitness center, etc, but it’s not a necessity. I would like to get a furnished unit with 3 bedrooms and not pay above $2,400 a month. There are loads of places on rent.com and apartments.com, but everything that looks decent has been rated terrible by current or former tennants. Can anyone give me some recommendations? Thanks.

Mission Valley has many condos for rent and for sale. Near the malls.
Clairmont also has a wide assortment, which is just north and covers the area between I5 and 163.

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