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Pool Maintenance Low Ph

pool maintenance low ph
Swimming pool maintenance?

I have an above ground pool, we haven’t used it in weeks because of the weather, but we’ve kept chemicals in it. Today, there is a wide green circle all the way around the pool and even on some of the pool walls. I have vacuumed it, back washed it, took a rag and literally wiped the walls down. Then I loaded the dispenser up with chlorine tablets and used 1 gallon of shock.
When I used the testing strip (before putting the chemicals in) it said the PH was normal, the CL was normal and the Alkalinity was super low. Now after putting in the chemicals, the water is super cloudy. Did I do everything I was suppose to, and is there something else I could do to clear up the problem?!?!??

It sounds like algae. Algae causes the slimy green stuff on the walls and ladder and floor, and it can also cause cloudiness. When you vacuum it and scrub it, you are stirring it up in the water and that’s what makes it cloudy. It’s good that you shocked it first of all, and now your next step is to buy an algaecide. Buy one from your local pool store that is at least 60% or 100%…you can get the 5% stuff for like five bucks but that stuff won’t do much for an existing algae problem, trust me. Put in the algaecide about 24 hours after shocking your pool. If it’s been a few days since you shocked your pool, you’ll want to shock it again, wait the 24 hours and then put in your algaecide. Keep up with the vacuuming, etc. Algae is common when the pool has not been used for a while. I work at a pool store and at this time of the season the algaecides are flying off the shelves like crazy.

Good luck!

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