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Pool Chemicals Blue

pool chemicals blue
i have a pool which is cloudy blue,iv’e used eveything your supposed to use and do,it wont work,do i drain it?

i have used all the chemicals your supposed to,flocced it,vacuumed,adjusted ph levels,over and over,every time it clears up and i vacuum it turns cloudy again,should i just drain my pool and start over without calling a professional?or does anyone know a better way?it’s an above ground pool,5500gls

Have you tried backwashing your filter? Sounds like the filter is full, so what you’re trying to vacuum up is just getting recirculated back into the pool because it can’t be collected in the trap/screen.

When you backwash, it’ll rinse your sand (filter aid) off the filter, and when the water is no longer filthy (as it’s draining from the hose), you refill the filter with sand.

I hope this helps; I have an in-ground pool and had this same exact issue when we first moved into the house. As soon as we figured out how to backwash it, we’ve never had the same problem again. First backwash, water was crystal clear in a matter of 2, 3 hours. In-ground pools use different filters and filter aids so…I don’t know if the procedure for an above-ground is EXACTLY the same. If in doubt, you can always contact your local pool supplier.

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