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Pool Chemicals Ingredients

pool chemicals ingredients
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I have a pool to fit my 3 year old and 1 year old and I do not want to waste on this Of water per day. and I the car with her and the plants watered washed .. but theres a lot more. Therefore, I would like to try, and try to hold on to. I want to be green. I've heard, bleach, borax and other ingredients to hold everything, but I'm on all these products chemicals and my little ones.and yes I'm night, but he cares about me so I thought it would impact small packs a better option. What is your experience? We are in TX, it was always milky never brilliant, but I think no, ive had enough chemicals I want to cut the drain once a week

An alternative to chlorine is Baqucil, it is much easier on the eyes, skin and hair. and can swim a few minutes ago. You only have a month shock. It's a bit more expensive than chlorine and can be purchased from a pool shop. Although a 4-month (8yr, 6yr, 4 21mon years) and a mean in the state of Texas, we spend much time in the pool, so the extra money is hardly worth it. Hope this helps.

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