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Pool Chemicals Metal Free

pool chemicals metal free
brown pool water, but NO metals?

I have been tourmented by problems with my pool since the start of the year. What I thought to be a metal problem is not. The metal reading is zero for copper and zero for iron. The brown water will disapear with a metal/stain remover but does not solve the problem completely, it will be back in about three days. I have had a pool for a long time. I have never seen anything like this. I am my pool store’s “poster child” and am currently receiving free chemicals, since I have dumped in about fivehundred in one month. The people at the pool store do not know what it is, or what to do. The chemicals I have already used are::: Metal removers, algecides, shock, clarifier’s, flocc., filter aid, flocc and vac., I think that’s just about it. Oh, and I changed my sand this past weekend. I need to get rid of the brown. All of my readings are within good range, all now, but ph, just rained alot, getting that back up. Thanks in advance to any and all help!

The shock could be all gone after killing the algae. Dump about 8 gallons of liquid chlorine in.

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Pool Chemicals Metal

pool chemicals metal
We have an above ground pool, we had some of the stars of iron. It is now green instead of brown. Any ideas?

We have a shock and some other to remove chemicals for so-called metal iron. Whay can we do now GetIt bright blue? 18ftx4ft our pool and I bought some tapes to see what is missing, and many our readings were too high. I put the chlorine tablets. I has to remove algae from sewage directions and some directions. We have a sand pump and turning on the cheap, that his Was operating.

If everything was too high. Its high pH and high alkalinity is grren at times. Pour over. 1 / 2 cup sour chloride in a place away from jets and Skimmer. Back min in about 30 minutes. And should the water is very blue. In about 3 hours, the test. To be sure that the pH does not fall too far. If so, add a TBS. Soda.